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Top soft skills employers look for now and post-Covid

by on December 4, 2020 | Top Stories

Top soft skills employers look for now and post-Covid -

We often hear that soft skills are important. In fact, many universities now incorporate soft skills courses or training in their curriculum. Which soft skills do you think are most sought after by employers now and which skills will help you secure an income or job post-Covid?

According to the World Economic Forum, at least 54% of all employees will need reskilling and upskilling by 2022 to respond to changing work requirements. This is especially important with the changes brought about by Covid-19 which causes dramatic shifts in the work opportunities available. Job seekers will need the skills to respond to this reality when looking for a career and income.

The World Economic Forum also points out two important skills for young people in these trying times. First, to secure work opportunities in this changing environment, young people must “learn to learn”. They must become power learners who thrive in a rapidly evolving world in order to develop the abilities required to gain new skills and adapt.

Second, they must also learn to discern reliable information to navigate today’s information landscape fraught with false and misleading information. The skill to engage with factual and reliable information is necessary for young people to learn effectively on their own and prepare to become resourceful employees, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Check out what other experts say about the skills you need in 2020 and post-Covid.

Skills for young people in the age of Covid-19

1.     Learn to learn

2.     Learn to discern


Source: This is the new skills gap for young people in the age of COVID-19

Top 10 skills you need on your profile

1.     Communication

2.     Problem solving

3.     Operations

4.     Analytical skills

5.     Microsoft Office

6.     Project management

7.     Presentations

8.     Marketing

9.     Customer service

10.  Leadership


Source: LinkedIn’s 2020 Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired

Five skills researchers say employers are looking for right now

1.     Communication

2.     Problem solving

3.     Analytical skills

4.     Customer service

5.     Leadership


Source: Here are 5 skills researchers say employers are looking for right now

Six of the most in-demand skills you should have in your career toolkit post-Covid

1.     Customer service

2.     Leadership

3.     Communication

4.     Problem solving

5.     Operations and project management

6.     Marketing


Source: These are the 6 skills college grads need to compete in the post-Covid jobs market: LinkedIn

Nine skills you'll need to succeed in a post-coronavirus business world

1.     Leadership

2.     Flexibility

3.     Adaptability

4.     Critical thinking

5.     Tech savvy

6.     Communication

7.     Emotional intelligence

8.     Creativity

9.     Innovation


Source: 9 Skills You'll Need to Succeed In a Post-Coronavirus Business World

Eight job skills to succeed in a post-coronavirus world

1.     Adaptability and flexibility

2.     Tech savviness

3.     Creativity and innovation

4.     Data literacy

5.     Critical thinking

6.     Digital and coding skills

7.     Leadership

8.     Emotional intelligence


Source: 8 Job Skills To Succeed In A Post-Coronavirus World

Which skills do you think you have, and which do you think you need to build? Let us know in the comments.


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