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The Foundation offers the Study Loan to selected and deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are pursuing their tertiary education.

The applicants have to be accepted by local private or public universities or colleges (“Approved Institutions”) that are recognised by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and are enrolled in approved courses (“Approved Courses”).

The loan, which is interest-free and bond-free (unless otherwise stated), will cover tuition fees. The funds will be paid directly to the institutions. The loan may include cost of living expenses. Applicants must have gained admission to Approved Institutions before applying for this loan.

They may also apply for any Approved Courses of study, but the Foundation reserves the right not to offer the loan for reasons and criteria that are governed by the Foundation’s policies.


  • To be eligible for the Study Loan, the applicant must:
  • Be a Malaysian citizen;
  • Prove eligibility for financial assistance, as means testing will be strictly applied;
  • Have a good academic record and preferably active in extracurricular activities;
  • Have gained admission into an Approved Institution for an Approved Course;
  • Provide evidence of strong self-discipline and drive

Term and Conditions:

  • The Foundation reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to approve or disapprove any study loan application, without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
  • Please take note that submitting your application does not automatically guarantee you the offer of the Study Loan.
  • The Foundation may grant a Study Loan of a maximum amount of up to the aggregate sum of RM90,000.00 ONLY (save and except in exceptional cases, to be decided by the Foundation in its sole discretion).
  • Selection of successful applicants is determined solely by the Foundation based on pre-determined criteria and its internal policy. The Foundation is not obliged to assign any reason for rejection to any unsuccessful student.
  • The Foundation only grants study loan for professional or vocational courses which fit its pre-determined criteria and internal policy.
  • The Foundation only grants student loan for applicants to pursue their study in local universities / colleges which fit its pre-determined criteria and internal policy.
  • The Foundation reserves the absolute right to decide whether any applicant has a good academic record or otherwise, based on its pre-determined criteria and internal policy.
  • In the event there is any contradiction between the terms and conditions stated on this page and the terms and conditions stated in the Study Loan Agreement, the latter shall prevail.

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