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Fund TypeScholarship
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A. Eligibility Requirements

  1. Interest free loan is only applicable to life members of Malaysian Nurses Association (MNA) (life member for minimum of 2 years).
  2. Application must be made to MNA with a Guarantor who is also a Life Member of MNA or a Close Family Member.
  3. The guarantor is subjected to Para D (Payment Terms and Obligation of the Recipient).
  4. Application must be witnessed by the Branch Chairman.
  5. Members who have been awarded in the past are NOT eligible.

B. Application Process and Supporting Documents
The applicant must submit the completed application form together with the following documents:

  1. A copy of University registration and admission letter.
  2. One Photostat NRIC.
  3. One passport size photo.
  4. One Guarantor’s Photostat NRIC.
  5. Non-refundable processing fee of RM 50.00.

C. Scope of the Study Loan Scheme

    1. Application open only to local or twinning program within the country.
    2. Amount to be granted will be on availability of fund for a maximum of RM 5,000.00

D. Payment Terms and Obligation of the Recipient


  1. Interest free loan must be reimbursed not exceeding 12 months after completion of the course or sooner upon the agreement of both parties.
  2. Interest free loan must be paid even if the applicant failed or does not complete the course.
  3. The flexible payment must be paid in full amount within two (2) years.
  4. MNA reserves the right to take Legal action where the applicant has not complied with the obligations in Para(1) &(2) above, including provision of false information.

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