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Sunway University Postgraduate by Research Scholarship 2020

Sponsored by: Sunway University
Deadline30 July 2020
Organisation TypePrivate Higher Educational Institutions
Fund TypeScholarship
Study Local or Abroad?Local

As part of our commitment to encourage the University’s best graduates to continue their higher education in Sunway University, we are introducing the Postgraduate Research Degree Bursary and Studentship. The bursary and studentship is available to all graduates who have successfully completed their Bachelor’s degree from Sunway University, Sunway College, Lancaster University and Monash University Malaysia.


Participated Programmes

Bursary (Full-time/Part-time)

  • MSc in Actuarial Science
  • MSc in Computer Science
  • MSc in Information Systems
  • MSc in Life Sciences
  • MSc in Psychology
  • MA Creative Arts & Media
  • PhD in Biology
  • PhD Creative Arts & Media
  • PhD in Business
  • PhD in Computing
  • PhD in Psychology
  • PhD in Mathematical Sciences
  • PhD Medical Science

Studentship (Full-time)

  • PhD in Biology
  • PhD in Business
  • PhD in Computing
  • PhD in Psychology
  • PhD in Mathematical Sciences


Eligible Criteria

Scholarships  are open  to  all full  time  postgraduate students  enrolled  on  programmes by research.  Eligibility criteria are given in Tables 1 (fee waiver) and 2 (studentship).  Additionally, applicants must meet all necessary entry requirements for their chosen programme of study and be in receipt of an unconditional offer from the University

Awards made to students under this scheme shall take effect from the 1stday of enrolment and shall, subject  to  satisfactory  performance  and  successful  progression,  last  for  the  normal  duration  of  the programme.  The University reserves the right to withdraw the award at any time should the student’s behaviour or  performance be  unsatisfactory,  or  the  student  withdraws  or  is  withdrawn  from the programme of study.

*Applicants holding a conditional offer from the University may apply for a studentship or fee waiver: any  offer  of  a  studentship  or  fee  waiver will  be  conditional  upon  the  applicant  fulfilling  any  and  all conditions for enrolment on the programme.

Eligibility Criteria for Bursary or Scholarship

Programme Sunway Graduates* Non-Sunway Graduates**
Masters by Research Meet minimum entry requirement for Masters by Research

100% tuition fee waiver

100% tuition fee waiver (CGPA?3.25)
50% tuition fee waiver
(CGPA <3.25)
PhD by Research Meet minimum entry requirement for Doctoral by Research

100% tuition fee waiver

100% tuition fee waiver
(CGPA ?3.25)
50% tuition fee waiver
(CGPA <3.25)

* GPA requirement applies to the highest and/or most recent qualifying award. For Masters qualifications for whicha GPA is not given (e.g. holds an MPhil or research degree), at least one publication in a SCOPUS indexed journal isrequired for 100% tuition fee waiver.

Eligibility Criteria for Studentship

Studentship award comprises of the following:

  • 100% Tuition Fee Waiver
  • Registration and Resource Fee Waiver
  • Monthly Allowance

Requirement for Studentship Award:

Programme Sunway University Graduates Non-Sunway Graduates
Masters by Research CGPA ?3.25 & at least one SCOPUS indexed output Graduate of a global top 600 university (QS or THE) a CGPA ?3.25 & at least two SCOPUS indexed outputs**

* GPA requirement applies to the highest and/or most recent qualifying award for which a CGP is given

** In fields study where peer-reviewed publications are not the normal mechanismof dissemination, alternative, but equivalent, forms of output shall be recognised.


Documents Required

  1. Certified Copy of IC/ Passport (all pages including blank pages)
  2. Certified Copy of Transcript and Certificate for Bachelor and/or Master’s Degree(s)
  3. Documentary Evidence (if financed by scholarship/ sponsorship/ study loan)
  4. Research Statement (which includes Introduction & Justification of the Study, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Proposed Research Schedule and List of References.)
  5. English Language qualification (IELTS/ TOEFL/ MUET/ Others)
  6. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  7. Postgraduate Research Scholarship/ Studentship Application Form


Application Procedure

  1. Please nominate TWO (2) referees who can provide reference letters about your suitability to undertake the programme (preferably, one academic and one professional).
  2. The letters must be printed on the letterhead of the respective referees’ organizations.
  3. Each referee is requested to send the letter to the Programme Head’s correspondence email.
  4. Alternatively, the referee may request the prospective student to send the sealed letter.


Application Deadline

Submission Deadline Announce of Outcome by Applicable to
1 February 2020 – 30 April 2020 25 May 2020 June 2020 intake
1 May 2020 – 30 July 2020 24 August 2020 September 2020 intake



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