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Established by the Council in September 1998, the Graduate School is responsible for the quality assurance and quality enhancement and overall management of the research postgraduate (RPg) degrees, viz. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Philosophy (MPhil).  It sets guidelines and regulations for RPg education, implements policies on admissions, academic progress, examinations and quality assurance in respect of training for research students.

The Graduate School is committed to providing a comprehensive education to nurture the next generation of researchers and professionals.  Aligning with the University’s mission on RPg education to provide first-class RPg education and learning that meet the highest international standard, it works closely with Faculties and Departments in the recruitment of top students and the continual development of research programmes. To equip students with the skill-sets for research work, the Graduate School also arranges courses, workshops and other forms of training to RPg students on generic skills relevant to studies.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Apart from awardees of the HKU Presidential PhD Scholar Programme (HKU-PS) and the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS), other full-time PhD and MPhil students who hold a first degree with second-class honours first division (or equivalent) or above are normally considered eligible to receive a Postgraduate Scholarship (PGS) during the normative study period, subject to availability of funding. Candidates' results in Master's degrees may also be considered.

The basic level of scholarship is HK$18,390 per month (wef 1/9/2023). A PGS holder whose PhD probationary candidature has been confirmed will receive a higher PGS rate (HK$18,890, wef 1/9/2023) with effect from the following calendar month after his/her probation is fully confirmed.

The award of PGS, including the PGS for HKU-PS and HKPFS awardees, is tenable on an annual basis and renewable upon satisfactory progress, availability of funding, and upon compliance with the conditions in the Regulations Governing Postgraduate Scholarships. The value of the Scholarship is subject to review by the University from time to time.

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