Yayasan Peneraju PPAM A Full Sponsorship for ACCA & ICAEW

Sponsored by: Yayasan Peneraju PPAM
Deadline10 August 2023
Organisation TypePrivate Sector / Organisation
Fund TypeScholarship
Study Local or Abroad?Local
As stewards of our children's future, we all want what's best for them. The path to success and fulfillment often begins with education, and today, an opportunity unlike any other has presented itself to your family.
Imagine your child, adorned with the prestigious title of an ACCA or ICAEW Chartered Accountant, all without you having to spend any money. Yes, you read that correctly. Yayasan Peneraju, is offering a full sponsorship worth RM150,000+ for ACCA FiA-ACCA & ICAEW CFAB-ACA at TYMBA @ QCKL.
TYMBA isn't just an institute; it's a promise of excellence. Recognized for high performance, TYMBA provides a tailored educational experience, focusing on each student's unique needs. Our 100% employability rate for ACCA & ICAEW graduates reflects our unyielding commitment to turning dreams into reality.
What sets TYMBA apart is our Nurture & Development Programme (NDP). It's more than an academic course; it's an industry-oriented pathway. We're preparing your child not just for exams but for real-world challenges, ensuring they stand out in their professional careers.
This isn't just a sponsorship; it's a passport to success, opening doors and breaking barriers. But time waits for no one...
and this exceptional opportunity closes on 10th August 2023.
Invest in your child's future without spending a penny. Together, let's forge a path filled with opportunity, success, and excellence.
Application close 10th August 2023.
Apply now at

The YP PPAM A Full Funding Application Form below is a


You are required to:

  • Submit your personal details
  • Submit your academic details & SPM achievement
  • Submit your father/guardian 1 details
  • Submit your mother/guardian 2 details
  • Submit your siblings & more personal details
  • Submit your documents (all documents requires Certified True Copy (CTC))
  • Complete a survey on how you know about this scholarship


  • Bumiputera & Malaysian
  • 19 years old & below
  • Minimum 5As (ACCA) / 7As (ICAEW) including English and Mathematics subject

Please read the following details:

  1. Only selected applicants will be contacted. Please completely fill up the information and provide all required documents. Incomplete information and / or documents will be automatically rejected.

  1. Sponsorship provider and TYMBA reserve the right to automatically disqualify an application if any candidate proven to have falsify information or documents submitted

  1. Kindly be informed that you are ALLOWED to submit only ONE application. Applicant who submitted more than one application will have all their submissions rejected.

  1. You can get Borang Pengesahan Pendapatan/Tidak Bekerja from TYMBA.

  1. If you require any help, please do not hesitate to contact Aimran at 0129817003 via Whatsapp

  1. All documents are required to be Certified True Copy by the following people:

  • Pengetua sekolah
  • Wakil rakyat
  • Pegawai kerajaan kumpulan pengurusan dan profesional (kumpulan A)
  • Pesuruhjaya sumpah
  • Jaksa pendamai
  • Pegawai polis berpangkat ASP ke atas
  • Pegawai tentera berpangkat Kapten atau setaraf dan ke atas
  • Penghulu
  • Ketua kampung
  • Imam masjid
  • Penggawa
  • Tuai rumah
  • Ketua kaum atau mukim bertauliah
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