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Course Details
Exam BodyInternal Degree, Malaysia
Course Duration8 Sem
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
FacultyFaculty of Medicine
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryMalaysia
Level of StudyBachelor's Degree Level
Field of StudyMedicine & Healthcare
Stream RequirementsScience Stream
Course Description

This is a basic course of nursing to provide first-time nurses with the capacity to provide high quality clinical care, while at the same time striving to improve the quality of services through advanced research and development in the field of nursing.

It is a 4-year course covering all courses taught in the Diploma program including in-depth medical care, and social sciences, humanities, nursing research, public and community health, and management science. This additional coursework will enhance professional development and will provide them with greater practice, greater understanding of cultural, political, economic, and social issues, greater capacity to adapt and to collaborate between different disciplines as well as to integrating clinical skills with knowledge of community resources.

Bachelor of Nursing courses offer higher credit scores in liberal education in the form of nursing philosophy and theories, medical sociology, ethical and medical issues, more intensive approach to critical thinking and problem solving, skills for analyzing and communicating data, patient education and counseling. More important are the development of communication and leadership skills, patient education skills, and patient assessment skills, planning and care assessment including the development of critical pathways, which are particularly important in the current clinical scenario.


Course Structure

Year 1: Semester I
FJ 1014 Medical Sciences I
FJ 1013 Health & Health Promotion I
FJ 1213 Nursing Sciences I
FJ 1612 Sociology
FJ 1412 Clinical Practice I

Semester II
FJ 1024 Medical Sciences II
FJ 1022 Nursing Sciences II
FJ 1223 Medicine and Surgery I
FJ 1623 IT for Nursing
FJ 1422 Clinical Practice II

Year 2: Semester I
FJ 2013 Medical Sciences III
FJ 2214 Medical Sciences IV
FJ 2213 Medicine & Surgery II
FJ 2212 Health & Health Promotion II
FJ 2412 Clinical Practice III

Semester II
FJ 2023 Medical Sciences V
FJ 2223 Medicine & Surgery III
FJ 2622 Developmental Psychology
FJ 2424 Clinical Practice IV
FJ 2823 Elective (Liberal Arts Subject)

Year 3 : Semester I
FJ 3013 Obstetric & Gynaecology (Women?s Health Module)
FJ 3213 Paediatrics Module
FJ 3613 Home Care Module
FJ 3813 Psychiatry Module
FJ 3413 Clinical Practice V

Semester II
FJ 3023 Critical Care Module
FJ 3223 Oncology Nursing
FJ 3224 Management in Nursing Practice I
FJ 3823 Professional Relationship in Nursing Practice
FJ 3422 Clinical Practice VI

Year 4: Semester 1
FJ 4012 Patient Education
FJ 4014 Basic Statistics and Research
FJ 4612 Medical Sociology
FJ 4015/4115/4215/4315/4415/4515/4615
Nursing Sciences V (Elective)
FJ 4412 Clinical Practice VII

Semester II
FJ 4022 Gerontology Nursing
FJ 4025 Research Project
FJ 4222 Management in Nursing Practice II
FJ 4223 Understanding Nursing Theory
FJ 4422 Clinical Practice VIII

Entry Requirements

I. Basic Eligibility Requirements

a) STPM / Matriculation or its equivalent; graduated in Biology and Chemistry or Biology and Physics; and Pass the General Paper.


A Nursing Diploma with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 or equivalent and a satisfactory clinical experience of not less than 2 years and entry into the relevant position within 4 years based on the credit transfer system.


b) Credit in Bahasa Malaysia and Math at SPM level.


c) Pass MUET Band 3


d) personal interview to determine:
• Physical Ability
• academic potential and quality of the self
• Personal statement of goals and interests in nursing
• Skills in Malay and English

II. Special Requirements Faculty

a) Kemasukan terus ke Tahun 3
Pemindahan kredit mungkin boleh dipertimbangkan untuk calon yang memenuhi keperluan berikut:

• Memiliki Diploma Kejururawatan atau setara dengan PNGK 3.00 dan pengalaman klinikal yang memuaskan tidak kurang dari 2 tahun;
• Memiliki Diploma Lanjutan yang diiktiraf atau setara dalam apa jua bidang kejururawatan;
• Memiliki Sijil Amalan Tahunan daripada Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia;
• Jika berkenaan, semua kelayakan mesti berdaftar dengan Agensi Kelayakan Malaysia (MQA)

b) Kemasukan Terus ke Tahun 2
Pemindahan kredit mungkin boleh dipertimbangkan untuk calon yang memnuhi keperluan berikut:

• Memiliki Diploma Kejururawatan dengan PNGK 3.00 atau setara dan kelayakan ini telah berdaftar dengan MQA;

• Has 2 years of excellent clinical experience.


• Obtain an Annual Practice Certificate from the Board of Nursing Malaysia.

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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