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Institution Profile

Background of the Institution

Brickfields Asia College

Brickfields Asia College (BAC) has established itself as the Fastest & Smartest Way to over 100 UK degrees. With partnerships and affiliations with over 25 UK universities and professional organisations, BAC offers its students access to over 100 world-class degrees and professional qualifications that can be completed either locally or abroad.

Known as the Nation’s No.1 Law school, BAC’s students have obtained excellent results in undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Over the past four years alone, BAC has produced over 600 World and National Top Students, Book Prize Winners, 1st Class and 2nd Class Upper graduates.


Since 2010, BAC’s A-Level students have been awarded the Top in the World Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards (formerly Cambridge Brilliance Awards) for Law and Business Studies four times, with 3 consecutive wins in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Most recently in 2014, BAC students swept the Top in the World Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards for Law, Business Studies and Economics.

The Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A-Level is the ideal pre-university programme for students who are yet to decide on a specific tertiary education path because it leads to a broad range of programmes. Students can select from a wide range of A-Level subjects that BAC offers which include Biology, Chemistry, Law, Economics, Accounting, English Literature and Mathematics allowing them to progress onto a variety of degree programmes in Law, Business, Medicine, Finance, Engineering or Communication amongst others.

Students looking forward to getting a head start in their careers will find the BAC A-Level Express Route the perfect option for them. This unique programme coupled with BAC’s UK Transfer Degree Programme in Law or Business allows students to graduate up to two years ahead of their peers, making BAC the “Fastest and Smartest Way to Over 100 UK Law and Business Degrees”.

The Foundation in Arts Programme has been designed to provide a learning experience strongly focused on the development of academic skills and above all, fun! It provides an alternative route for students to progress onto a wide range of undergraduate degrees.

Law School

Students can opt to pursue their LLB (Hons) via the University of London International Programmes, the only external law degree recognized by the Legal Professional Qualifying Board. This programme allows students to complete all three years of study in Malaysia.

BAC also offers the UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law) where students are given the option to complete a 1+2 (1 year at BAC and 2 years at a partner University) or 2+1 (2 years at BAC and 1 year at a partner University depending on their preference.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded an LLB (Hons) degree from the respective university. BAC’s UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law) is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. Students graduating with a degree from a partner university will be accorded UK Qualifying status, making them eligible for the Bar Professional Training Course. Individuals intending to practice law with this degree can thus embark on either the BPTC in the UK or the Certificate in Legal Practice in Malaysia.

At the undergraduate level, BAC has produced 99 1st Class LLB (Hons) graduates over the past four years. Whilst at the postgraduate level, BAC students have secured 10 consecutive Tun Hamid Omar Foundation Awards for Best Overall CLP Student in Malaysia, 55 out of 69 Book Prizes and 56 out of 71 2nd Class Uppers awarded in the CLP examinations since 2005.

Business School

The UKT Degree Programme (Business) offer students a choice of degrees ranging from the most common (Business Management) and (Accounting and Finance) to the unconventional (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) from over 10 prestigious UK partner universities.

Accounting and Finance

At BAC, students interested in accounting can choose from the UKT Degree Programme (Accounting & Finance) offering degrees in Accounting and Finance from 4 prestigious UK partner universities or professional qualifications. These professional accounting qualifications are, The Chartered Certified Accountant qualification by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Management Accountant qualification by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Today, the KL campus comprises three premises which are all within walking distance of one another and equipped with state-of-the-art-facilities for teaching and learning. The BAC 2 building houses an impressive law library, lecture halls, state-of-the-art computer labs, a gymnasium, dance studio, moot court, cafeteria and the Sky Garden rooftop café.

Since 2013, BAC has invested over RM110 million in its new PJ campus which includes a comprehensive library and research centre, computer labs, moot court, the BACteria food court, TWS Café, Rock Academy music school and the Monster Fit health and wellness centre. These facilities provide an engaging experience for students looking to have a balance between studying and leading a fun student life.

To cater to outstation students BAC operates a luxurious but reasonably-priced student residence called “The Mansion”. These high-end condominium units come with a gymnasium and BBQ areas. These accommodation units can house close to 600 students.

Courses Offered

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Professional Qualification Course (Accountancy)
Bachelor's Degree Level
Bac.of Laws (External Degree with University of London)
Level: Bachelor's Degree Level
Fees (Local): 57000/Course
Duration: 3 Yrs (External Degree)
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UK Degree Transfer Program (Business)
Level: Bachelor's Degree Level
Fees (Local): 32000/Course
Duration: 2 Yrs
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UK Degree Transfer Program (Law)
Level: Bachelor's Degree Level
Fees (Local): 50000/Course
Duration: 2 Yrs
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Contact Details

Brickfields Asia College (BAC)

No. 68-2
Jalan Tun Sambanthan
50470 Brickfields
Kuala Lumpur

Type: Private College

Tel: +6 03 2274 4165
Fax: +6 03 2274 4174
Website: http://www.bac.edu.my

Other Campuses

Brickfields Asia College (BAC), PJ Campus

VSQ @PJ City Centre
B-2, G-Floor, Jalan Utara Section 14
46200 Petaling Jaya

Type: Private College

Tel: +6 03 7960 0063 / +6 03 7931 8227
Website: http://www.bac.edu.my

Active Scholarships

  • Scholarship / Fund / Loan
  • Brickfields Asia College Scholarship 2018

    Deadline: Applicable to 2018 fees only

    A-Level Arts/Sciences, Foundation in Arts, UK Transfer Law, UK Transfer Business, University of London.

    Applicable to 2018 fees only

Student Testimonials

Aneel David Kannabhiran

Recepient of the 2011 Attorney General’s Award for the Best Student in Malaysia for Evidence

I attribute the success of my entire legal education from A-Levels right up to the CLP to BAC’s excellent lecturers as well as BAC’s approach towards exam preparation. They not only helped to build my confidence in the subjects but also inspired me to realise my full potential, all of which enabled me to pass every exam on my first attempt. I am also thankful for the various modes of financial assistance available at BAC that made it possible for me to complete my legal education.

Chan Zhou Chen

The only student to score 4As in the history of the CLP examination

I studied law for one simple reason - self-empowerment. Upon completion of my degree, I enrolled in the part-time CLP course at Brickfields Asia College. I realised that this examination required an enormous amount of preparation and with the added difficulty of working full-time, the criteria of choosing a college that could fully assist me in realising my potential became essential. That’s why I chose BAC and I have no regrets! The materials provided were succinct and clear and was essential to my preparation. Ahead of me are tougher challenges, but with the solid grounding I have now, I will embrace those challenges steadily and confidently!

Chua Shuang Yih

Recepient of the 2011 Attorney General’s Award for the Best Student in Malaysia for Evidence

The understanding of law is far more important than just memorizing facts. This was one of many vital approaches that BAC emphasised, which made a difference in my preparations. The definitive resources I received from BAC in the form of extensive materials as well as being taught by an experienced team of lecturers was the recipe for my success!

Geraldine Shamini Kenel

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

I had a great time in Aberystwyth University and my time in BAC definitely helped me achieve success there. While at BAC, I received constant support and guidance from my lecturers who were very kind and patient. The lecturers in BAC are very dedicated to the task at hand and will do their very best to ensure that their students understand the subject matter. They also strive to teach students the best ways to tackle questions and problems. BAC does a brilliant job preparing their students to excel and meet the standards demanded from UK Universities. It’s no surprise though because at BAC, you are being trained by the best lecturers in town!

Jasmine Sia Wan Jin

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

I owe my achievements to BAC as it definitely helped me perform exceptionally which in turn helped me win the Cardiff Merit Scholarship! My lecturers were highly approachable and their dedication to each and every student is very apparent. They constantly made us believe that we could succeed and it undoubtedly boosted my confidence! The Nations No. 1 Law School label is not a justifiable representation as my experiences here is so much more than that. I enrolled in BAC because of its affordable tuition fees but I believe I gained so much more than what I paid for! I am also impressed with the efficiency and kindness of the administrative office for always going beyond their duties to solve students problems. Thanks to BAC and Cardiff University, my goal in life of being a lawyer is now within my reach.

Joyce Lau Li Ven

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

BAC is the fuel and spirit that inspire me to achieve greater heights in the legal field. The two years I spent at BAC was a rewarding experience that helped me obtained outstanding results in the UK Transfer Programme which led to a scholarship by the University of Liverpool where I obtained a 1st Class Honours LLB Degree. BAC’s lecturers played a big role in my achievements as their guidance and advice helped shape my education, character and mindset. They are constantly at the forefront of the latest developments in law and this bolsters their already vast knowledge on the subject matter. This provided me an extraordinary platform for intellectual growth. With its unrivalled reputation, I strongly recommend BAC as a place to study!

Kimberly Ong

Cambridge International Examinations

Not being a local KL-ite was initially a challenge to me, but it wasn’t long before BAC became my home away from home. College life moved so quickly mainly due to the warm ambience and wonderful environment that BAC provided. I fostered many great friendships here. It was also a very conducive place where I could focus on my studies while balancing a good social life. I would definitely credit my success to all my highly knowledgeable and approachable lecturers who were ever ready to assist all the students. Being too eager to learn, I was not only taught but also guided and inspired by them. It was overall a great experience studying at BAC!

Leon Yit Chia

Recepient of the 2011 Judge’s Award for the Best Student in Malaysia for General Paper

Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted. It all begins with the seed. As it turns out, my choice of following the crowd was right. Thanks to BAC, the high- quality seed was planted in my CLP preparation. With guidance and motivation from all the lecturers, who were not only resourceful but were also constantly supportive and accessible, especially Mr. Thank you BAC!

Lim Eu Jin

Recepient of the 2011 Bar Council Award for the Best Student in Malaysia for Profes- sional Practice

From the A-Levels until the completion of my CLP, being a BAC student, I grew as an individual from the exposure and support I received. I am at the starting point of my legal career today for two main reasons. Firstly, the lecturers were excellent in making the subjects interesting and fun to learn and secondly, the textbooks and materials given by BAC are so carefully crafted ensuring all areas of law are well covered. This in my opinion shows BAC’s attention to detail and their dedication to students.

Stephanie Boo Chuling

Recepient of the 2011 Attorney General’s Award for the Best Student in Malaysia for Evidence

After completing my LLB, I knew that BAC was where I wanted to do my CLP and it was exactly as I envisioned it to be. It’s recent makeover, highly experienced faculty, outstanding materials as well as the excellent atmosphere provided a conducive study environment. Not only was there a well-stocked library but also facilities like the gym, dance studio and the Sky Garden Sports Cafe. As Mark Twain said ‘Clothes makes the man’ , for me, so does the place where you choose to study! I’m glad I chose BAC, I made the right choice and so should you!

Tan Meng Yee

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

I joined BAC from the A-Levels and I believe it gave me the foundation on which I built my subsequent success in my undergraduate studies. BAC’s lectures were great and helpful. They provided useful strategies in exam preparations and tackling exam questions. The study materials and notes were very useful as well. I owe BAC a huge debt as even after I completed my UK Transfer Degree Programme here and went to the UK, they paid close attention to my progress there and also sent me useful notes and materials. Thanks BAC!

Tay Zi Li

Recipient of the 2011 Tun Hamid Omar Foundation Award for the Best Overall CLP Student in Malaysia

Choosing to pursue the CLP at BAC was one of the smartest choices I made in my life. Their record of consistently producing the highest overall passing rate in the CLP as well as the Best Overall CLP student year after year, speaks for itself. BAC’s comprehensive study materials and highly experienced lecturers have constantly produced great results and helped me approach the examinations effectively. Besides my own efforts, BAC definitely played a major role in my success.

Yvonne Ng Yi Wen

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

I have always had a great passion for the law and enrolled into Brickfields Asia College (BAC) to pursue the UK Transfer Degree Programme because I wanted to experience life in the UK. During the first two years of study at BAC, I was provided with comprehensive materials including textbooks that were published by the college itself. The lecturers in BAC were very good and explained the law very well and this helped develop my critical thinking skills. I was not as proficient in English as other students; nevertheless, the lecturers were very helpful and patient. I enjoyed my time there and although I worked hard, I also had time for friends and entertainment. Now, I am more confident in analysing complex issues and enjoy engaging in debates and discussions. I really enjoy the challenging intellectual experience that the law provides.

Aminat Saidu from Nigeria

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

I came all the way from Nigeria to enrol in BAC cause of the flexible mode of studies available. I was very keen to read law via the UK Transfer Degree Programme. Malaysia has become a prominent destination for higher education in recent years, so I was pretty confident that the standard of education here is high; BAC simply confirmed this! I have met a lot of wonderful people during my stay here and the lecturers are really friendly and helpful. I was able to adapt to the Malaysian lifestyle pretty quickly and have no regrets coming here!

Arpita Kaur Bajaj from Singapore

University of London International Programme (LLB)

I heard a lot of good reviews over the other side of the causeway and the repeated advertisements in newspapers pretty much raised my curiosity even more about BAC. Since my enrolment here, my experiences have been very positive. The administrative staff are very helpful and courteous, the lecturers knowledgeable and approachable and my classmates are friendly too! I simply love it here and like Malaysia, I think there is no better place!

Ayesha Zia from Pakistan

University of London International Programme (LLB)

I registered at BAC because my sister was studying law there and had excelled at her studies. She had described her experience as being absolutely fantastic and I have to agree with her! The lecturers make studying here a breeze and with so many study materials and books given, I simply cannot go wrong. My classmates are really friendly as well. If you want to study law, BAC is the best place to do so. They really live up to their reputation of being the Nation’s Number One Law School!

Sara Panah from Iran

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

My passion for law and personal ambition to help create awareness on women’s rights has brought me to BAC. What I found attractive about BAC is that it’s a specialist law college that has great ties with renowned international university partners. I am enjoying my time here as I am able to participate in many different legal events which expose me to many legal issues and real world experiences while I study. Also the fact that Malaysia is a multi-cultural country has made it very easy for me to adapt to life. I believe BAC is the best choice for me.

Sonia Keswani from India

UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)

I came to BAC after it was recommended to me by friends. With affiliations with UK Universities, my decision to enrol wasn’t a difficult one. My experience at BAC has been interesting and heart warming; the faculty members have been very welcoming and they have always encouraged me to do my best. The lecturers are always ready to help and are very understanding and I have made many great friends here. One would definitely not miss home at BAC, it’s like home away from home.

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