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Medicine and Healthcare

by on August 23, 2016 | Top Stories, Career Guide

Medicine and Healthcare – Find the Career that Fits

Interested in a career in healthcare but don’t know where to start?

The medicine and healthcare industry is a large workforce sector. It includes occupations and services that provide diagnostic, rehabilitation, healing and preventive services. You may choose to work with patients directly as a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist or dietitian; or you may prefer a career in diagnostics where you deal with specimens and instruments. Would you prefer to work at large hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, surgeries, private practices, laboratories or clinics? There are certainly many options to explore before you decide.

Careers in medicine and health science that you should consider

Careers in medicine and health science that you should consider

Are you comfortable working in a healthcare facility like hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, pharmacies and surgeries? If you are, there are many careers in medicine and health science that you could consider. Some jobs may require you to cope with emergencies on a daily basis, while other careers involve routine work in a laboratory. Read on to find out which career sparks your interest.

Courses and careers in health science

Courses and careers in health science

The medicine and healthcare field of study is also known as the health science career cluster. If you’re thinking about studying a course in health science, check out the different occupations you can consider in this career cluster and where you can study these courses.

Courses and careers in health science

Should I study medicine?

Being the smartest in your class or the top student in your district is not good enough a reason to study medicine. Are you thinking of medical school because it is what people around you expect of you? While pursuing a career in medicine has many benefits, you may want to rethink the reasons for your decision before you apply.

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