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APU redesigns curriculum to future-proof business graduates

by on June 30, 2022 | Top Stories

APU redesigns curriculum to future-proof business graduates -

APU business studies graduates are employed upon graduation, which indicates the higher education institution’s success and pride in nurturing professionals for global careers.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) has recently revised its courses in the School of Business to include a broad range of new digital technologies.

Modular content for business programmes at different levels is being updated to future-proof graduates and prepares them for an increasingly disruptive employment market that requires diverse skill sets.

Moreover, it is in line with APU’s Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) strategy to prepare students for the competitive workforce, with its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that have incorporated automation, customisation, transformation and data exchange.

“Today’s graduates are required to be digitally literate, able to communicate, handle ambiguity and exhibit soft skills through a people-centred approach,” said APU School of Business senior head Assoc Prof Dr Jason Turner.

“Business programmes at APU are streamlined by adding identifiable modules to the curriculum that address data intelligence, leading digital transformation and the user experience.”

The School of Business at APU has redesigned its courses by infusing a broad range of new digital
technologies, for the upcoming business arena is driven by the most advanced ecosystems.

APU’s business programmes across the School of Business portfolio are designed to elevate entrepreneurial acumen, imparting skills to underpin its graduates’ abilities to secure employment across a range of industries and specialisms.

Furthermore, in an increasingly complex environment, there is a growing need for graduates to be multi-taskers, able to strategise, problem-solve and interpret data and situations to find creative solutions to inter-disciplinary problems.

APU also provides more flexible study options through micro-credentials and additional certification that allows students to personalise their learning experience as they progress with their studies.

Firstly, students can choose to enrol for the APU-CMI Dual Certification, which means adding a CMI qualification to their university degree. During their studies, students will become affiliate members of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), which is dedicated to increase the number of professionally qualified managers and leaders.

Secondly – as one of the SAP University Alliances members – APU’s business programme graduates are entitled to a certificate upon completion of its Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) with SAP Platform module.

As one of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, SAP acknowledges these students for their proficiency in applying SAP ERP to real-life business cases. This will ultimately increase graduates’ employability.

“As a graduate in BA (Hons) Business Management specialising in E-Business from APU, all of the modules that were relevant to E-Business, E-Commerce, and IR4.0 supported me in my current job as a key account manager in Business Development, in one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, Shopee. I am now capable of setting business growth plans, analysing data, and advising strategy to increase traction and sales for the company,” shared Chan Chieh Yiing.

Christina Teo, another alumna of the same programme concurred, “IR4.0 related modules had helped me gain an understanding of technologies that businesses use. When I entered the working environment, it was easier for me to operate and navigate technologies such as SAP ERP, e-commerce, digital marketing and others. When the company decided to implement new technologies to assist their everyday operational activities, I felt capable of handling the challenge.”

While Chan and Teo were among the sought-after graduates, according to the recent Annual Graduate Tracer Study by the Higher Education Ministry, 100% of APU graduates were employed upon graduation, which indicates the higher education institution’s success and pride in nurturing professionals for global careers.

An ideal training ground for the business students to immerse into the international community at APU, especially at the Centre Point – the social hub of the campus with large communal spaces.

APU students in general will have the option to opt-in for the APU-DMU Dual Degree Scheme where they will receive two sets of degree certificates and transcripts upon graduation: One from APU, Malaysia, and another from De Montfort University (DMU), United Kingdom.

For more information on APU’s tech-infused business programmes, visit

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