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How to begin your search for the right course after SPM (Updated)

by on May 27, 2024 | Top Stories

How to begin your search for the right course after SPM (Updated) -

Now that you have got your SPM results you must be excited about choosing a suitable course for your further studies. There are so many choices open to you therefore you really should explore all your options before making a decision. Having more options may lead to confusion and a higher chance that you will regret your decisions. This is the time when you need help from people in the education line to enlighten you on how to go about making a choice. 

Making Your Decision – 5 Things to Do

school leavers who have completed the SPM exam or any other high school exam, regardless of whether they are from the arts or science stream, will have five major considerations when making a decision. They are:

  1. To decide on your field of study and the qualification you wish to (There are 27 fields of study, and the qualifications or courses within each field can be categorised as arts-based, science-based, career-based or a blend of these).
  2. To decide on the level of education (e.g. whether you’d like to study for a certificate; diploma; or a pre-university programme that enables you to pursue year 1 of a bachelor’s degree. You can also consider an American Degree Program; a Teacher Training Programme; a semi-professional or professional qualification and many more.)
  3. To decide on the type of institutions (e.g. public universities, private universities and colleges, foreign university branch campuses, etc.)
  4. To look for types of financial aids available.
  5. To decide whether to go directly into the job market to gain some work experience before embarking on further studies.

How should you begin you search?

It is of paramount importance for school leavers to choose a right study choice for further education. While some have made up their minds on which education route to take, many are still undecided. For the latter, how should they begin their search?

Among all the considerations stated above, the most important factor is choosing the field of study that matches your interests. Here is our guidance for choosing a field of study and suitable courses.

Begin with this: Identifying my fields of study and why do they matter?

University and college courses can be categorised into approximately 27 distinct fields of study, each corresponding to a specific faculty. A field of study encompasses a broad area of academic and skill-based qualifications or courses within a similar branch of subject knowledge. Additionally, courses within each field of study typically have similar academic entry requirements.

Determine which field of study interests you and find a suitable course that aligns with your career goals. Your career goal may fit into one field, or you might find that you are interested in several different fields. If so, it is possible to combine these interests to find a career that is a good fit that prepares you for your desired career.

Once you have decided on a field of study, research which higher education institutions offer the courses or qualifications that match your career goals. Researching the specific courses and qualifications offered by different institutions can help ensure that you're making an informed decision about where to pursue your education.

It's also wise to consider factors like admission requirements and any additional opportunities or resources that may be available at different institutions. This approach can help set you up for success in both your academic and professional pursuits.

Here’s an overview of the 27 Fields of Study:

  1. Accounting and finance
  2. Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary
  3. Architecture and building
  4. Arts and design
  5. Audio-visual techniques and media production
  6. Business management and administration
  7. Communication and broadcasting
  8. Computing
  9. Education
  10. Engineering and engineering trades
  11. Environmental protection
  12. Hospitality and tourism
  13. Humanities
  14. Languages
  15. Law
  16. Manufacturing and processing
  17. Marketing and sales
  18. Mathematics and statistics
  19. Medicine and healthcare
  20. Medical diagnostic and treatment technology
  21. Occupational health and hygiene services
  22. Personal services
  23. Science (Biological science and physical science)
  24. Security services
  25. Social sciences
  26. Social services
  27. Transport services

To get more details on the 27 fields of study and the courses offered under each field, go to this online resource at To find out which fields of study you have the interest preference, it is highly recommended that you try out the course interest assessment tool developed by STUDYMALAYSIA at

When you have identified the field(s) you are interested in, the next step is to determine what study pathway you wish to follow.

Finding the Right Study Path

It is absolutely necessary for you to consider an appropriate study pathway after high school to acquire the desired qualification.
There are various study pathways available to acquire one qualification, and it's essential to select one that aligns with your interests, needs and budget. These pathways encompass different education levels, such as certificates, diplomas, and bachelor’s degrees. The certificates or diplomas pathways can offer a quicker route to gaining practical skills and entering the workforce sooner. Meanwhile, bachelor's degrees provide a more comprehensive education and potentially broader career opportunities.

It's crucial to consider the admission requirements and your preferred learning style when making this decision. Each education level has its own set of admission requirements. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose the appropriate study pathway to complete the course and ultimately achieve your dream career in your chosen field.

To be able to identify your interests, to choose a course and an education pathway may be a time-consuming process. This is when you need a trusted portal like to help you find your way.

Your All-in-One Trusted Education Resource for Further Studies: website

If you want to know WHAT and WHERE to study in Malaysia without leaving your home, visit this most trusted website!  This website fills you in with all that you need to know - what courses are available in the market and where to get reliable course information offered by Malaysia’s public universities and private higher educational institutions.

So what can you find on the website?

Some of the features in the website include:

  1. Course search- Search for a wide range of courses (public universities, polytechnics and private higher educational institutions) at the click of a mouse.
  2. Institution search- Search for institutions of your choice easily.
  3. Career Guide- Get more insight on how to make the right career choice
  4. Top Stories- Be among the first to know about the latest study choices, career information and education development.
  5. Latest Scholarship- Equipped with a search function, this section contains information on various types of financial aids.
  6. Articles on Study Opportunities- Useful write-ups on study opportunities in Malaysia
  7. Helpdesk- Need help? Visit out AskStudyMalaysia Helpdesk with your questions on what and where to study
  8. Enquiry and Applying for a Course OnlineSend your enquiries to the institutions that interest you or apply for admission to a course by submitting your application form and document online

Happy exploring as you find the right course. May success follow you every step of the way. If you have any questions about courses, feel free to contact STUDYMALAYSIA team at mobile number 014-6693837 or email [email protected]

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Sources: Education Guide Malaysia 15th Edition, published by Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd)

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