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Malaysia is Three Times Cheaper than Australia When it Comes to Higher Education for International Students

by on September 5, 2016 | Top Stories

The value of education – does a more expensive education mean a higher value of education? Malaysia is three times cheaper than Australia when it comes to higher education for international students. Find out how Malaysia offers global education at a fraction of the cost.

What does the value of education mean to you? In many countries, parents are the source of financing higher education for their children. So, what does the value of education mean to parents too? Does a more expensive education mean a higher value of education?

In April 2014, HSBC published a study called "The Value of Education Springboard for success" that explored the attitudes of parents towards their children's education. It was found that parents tended to associate a higher value of education with expensive education.

But while destinations like Australia, the UK and the US are popular among many students, they are also ranked the most expensive. And that means not everyone can afford them. In fact, the most expensive country for a university education, Australia, is three times more expensive than Malaysia!

The study also showed the cost of international university study in countries around the world where Malaysia was ranked eighth in terms of annual cost of university fees and cost of living.

For a student looking for higher education opportunities, Malaysia offers many attractive options. The cost of university fees in Malaysia is among the lowest, and the cost of living is also very affordable.

Private colleges and universities in Malaysia offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in many fields of study. In addition, foreign university branch campuses from Australia and the UK allow students to study for a degree in Malaysia that is identical to studying for that same degree in Australia or the UK. Students can also choose to study a twinning programme where they have the opportunity to study in Malaysia and in another country (e.g. the US, the UK, Australia, and many other countries). Click here to read about different pathways available to students in Malaysia.

Cost of Education for International Students

Interested in finding out more? Click here to begin your search for higher education programmes in Malaysia.

Rank Country Annual university fees (USD) Annual cost of living (USD) Annual cost total (USD)
1 Australia 24,081 18,012 42,093
2 Singapore 18,937 20,292 39,229
3 United States 24,914 11,651 36,564
4 United Kingdom 21,365 13,680 35,045
5 Hong Kong 13,444 18,696 32,140
6 Canada 16,746 13,201 29,947
7 France 247 16,530 16,777
8 Malaysia 2,453 10,488 12,941
9 Indonesia 4,378 8,527 12,905
10 Brazil 59 12,569 12,627
11 Taiwan 3,338 8,573 11,911
12 Turkey 1,276 10,089 11,365
13 China 3,844 6,886 10,729
14 Mexico 750 8,710 9,460
15 India 581 5,062 5,642

Source of data: International Education


Need more information on studying in Malaysia? The Study in Malaysia Handbook (9th International Edition) will be released in November 2014. Study in Malaysia was first launched in 1998 along with the website and provides useful and important information for international students who are considering studying in Malaysia. Find out more about other publications for international students here.

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