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Results for IPTA Admission Out Now!

by on June 14, 2015 | Top Stories

If you’ve applied for admission into IPTA for the 2015/16 academic session using SPM or equivalent qualifications, you can check your application outcome from now till 18 June 2015 by typing:

UPU<space>RESULT<space>NoKP and send an SMS to 15888.

Example: UPU RESULT 950527031543

You can also call the Helpline: 03-8870 6777, general line: 03-8870 6755 / 6778, or UPU Hotline: 03-8870 6767

If you’ve received an offer, congratulations and we wish you the best in your university studies!

However, some of you may have received an offer but the study programme offered is not what you wanted. What then? Before you reject the offer, do note that you will not be offered another place if you reject your offer. So do consider your options carefully before making a decision.

What if you did not receive an offer?

Applicants who did not receive an offer can make an appeal online through e-rayuan. However, places will be limited as only seats that are not taken by other applicants will be available. You can check on the status of your appeal here. It’s also good to check for announcements regularly here.

Application to IPTAs is competitive. If you don’t receive an offer, or didn’t receive an offer for a course you wanted, you can always consider private education. Want to know more about private education options? Find out more here. You may discover that private education has many more opportunities than you thought existed. If you need some guidance on choosing a career, explore our Career Guide.

Need advice on your higher education options? Send us an email at [email protected].

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