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Institution Profile

Background of Institution

BERJAYA University College

BERJAYA University College - Malaysia’s premier University College specialising in Business, Culinary Arts, Communication, Hospitality, Events & Tourism with emphasis on experiential learning.

Why Study In Our Institution

We will do so through the merit of our high-caliber graduates, BERJAYANs that are highly sought-after by employers across the globe for their intellectual prowess, as well as their practical know-how. We know that if you start here with us, you will go on to inspire lives, and widen horizons.

Programme Outline

BERJAYA University College
  • Foundation in Commerce
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Bachelor in Accounting and Finance (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Business Management (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Retail Management (Hons)
  • Master of Business Administration (Full Time)
  • Master of Business Administration (Part Time)
  • Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Patisserie
  • Diploma in Heritage Cuisine
  • Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management (Hons)
  • Foundation in Hospitality
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons)
  • Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management
  • Diploma in Events Management
  • Bachelor of Tourism Management (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Events Management (Hons)
  • Foundation in Arts & Social Science
  • Diploma in Public Relations
  • Bachelor in Communication (Honours)

Academic Resources and Facilities

BERJAYA University College

BERJAYA University College offers any of our students the unique opportunity to prepare themselves for their future careers in a manner that is unlike any other. Due to our established heritage in business and entrepreneurship, we intimately understand what it takes to enable our students to excel as young professionals; which strongly increases their employability in the global marketplace, even before they graduate.

Through our strong global and local industry networks presented through our various faculties, BERJAYA UC students are uniquely exposed to the dynamic worlds that they are being prepped for in our city campus.At BERJAYA UC, we pride ourselves on consistently producing well-rounded, professional and competent young adults through our inter-disciplinary and immersion teaching methodologies, as well as our distinct focus on language proficiency and personal poise.

Student (Local and International) Support Services

BERJAYA University College

The counselling services are free confidential services available to all students of BERJAYA University College. The counselling services are intended to facilitate the educational, personal, social, emotional and career development of students. They are conducted according to the standards and guidelines set out by the Malaysian Board of Counsellors. All aspects of the counselling services are confidential in accordance with professional, legal, and ethical guidelines. At BERJAYA University College, we strive to make your transition a pleasant experience and to ensure that your university life is safe, comfortable – and your “Home Away from Home. Your safety and adjustment to university life are our top priorities and all of our accommodation options will have a student representative on site to oversee your needs. The student representative is specially selected, trained and supervised by our Accommodation Executive to provide the extra care for you.

BERJAYA University College

The internship is a minimum of 16-week supervised learning experience in the relevant industry which leads to the acquisition and development of professional, technical and general management skills. Students gain first-hand practical experiences that will boost their professional learning and development. Whereas, cooperating organizations will have the opportunity to become acquainted with some especially capable students while contributing substantially to the development of future professionals. The Department of Student Services also provides career talk and workshops throughout the year.

For International Students, Our friendly ISSO team organises International Orientation Sessions to welcome, meet and greet all new international students during the orientation week. Knowing that it’s probably the first time students are living away from home and from their families, the ISSO team is dedicated to the welfare and well-being of Our international student community. You’re always welcome to approach us if you require support or advice at any time during the course of your studies here at BERJAYA University College.

Recognition and Accreditation

BERJAYA University College

BERJAYA University College is Malaysia's premier University College that specialises and champions the advancement of Business, Culinary, Communications & Media, Hospitality, Tourism and Services Industries. We focus on transforming aspirations into reality.

In the same vein, you will be immersed in an environment that encourages you to win. Since our inception in 2009, BERJAYA UC has grown an astounding 90% by producing quality programmes and hiring capable educators who have been industry practitioners.

This has resulted in numerous awards and accolades that include:

  • Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) 2011 for ‘Hospitality Education Excellence’
  • BrandLaureate-SMEs Chapter Awards 2010 for the ‘Best Brands in Education Tourism, Hospitality, Culinary & Retail Education’
  • World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) Recognition of Quality Culinary Education 2011

Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Foundation in Arts and Social Science
Fees (Local): 16150/Course
Duration: 1 Year
Foundation in Commerce
Fees (Local): 16150/Course
Duration: 1 Year
Diploma Level
Diploma in Business Management
Fees (Local): 39250/Course
Duration: 2 Years
Diploma in Culinary Arts
Fees (Local): 50900/Course
Duration: 2 Years
Diploma in Event Management
Fees (Local): 40670/Course
Duration: 2 Years
Diploma in Heritage Cuisine
Fees (Local): 49620/Course
Duration: 2 Years
Diploma in Hotel Management
Fees (Local): 48590/Course
Duration: 2 Years
Diploma in Patisserie
Fees (Local): 50900/Course
Duration: 2 Years
Diploma in Public Relations
Fees (Local): 38650/Course
Duration: 2 Years
Diploma in Retail Management
Fees (Local): 39470/Course
Duration: 2 Years
Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management
Fees (Local): 40450/Course
Duration: 2 Years
Bachelor's Degree Level
Bachelor of Accounting & Finance (Hons)
Fees (Local): 61155/Course
Duration: 3 Years
Bachelor of Business Management (Hons)
Fees (Local): 58390/Course
Duration: 3 Years
Bachelor of Communication (Hons)
Fees (Local): 57830/Course
Duration: 3 Years
Bachelor of Culinary Arts Management (Hons)
Fees (Local): 79020/Course
Duration: 3 Years
Bachelor of Event Management (Hons)
Fees (Local): 59590/Course
Duration: 3 Years
Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons)
Fees (Local): 74220/Course
Duration: 3 Years
Bachelor of Retail Management (Hons)
Fees (Local): 58390/Course
Duration: 3 Years
Bachelor of Tourism Management (Hons)
Fees (Local): 60190/Course
Duration: 3 Years
Masters Degree Level
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Fees (Local): RM28800/Course (Full Time) RM32400/Course (Part Time)
Duration: 1 year (Full time) 2 years (Part time)
Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Fees (Local): RM29600/Course (Full Time) RM33200 (Part Time)
Duration: 1 Year (Full time) 2 Years (Part time)

Active Scholarships

  • Scholarship / Fund / Loan
  • BERJAYA Scholarships & Bursaries 2021

    Deadline: Ongoing
    Enrolling into BERJAYA University College offers any of our students the unique opportunity to prepare themselves for their future careers in a manner that is unlike any other. Due to our established heritage in conglomerate business and entrepreneur...

Key Personnel

Dr See Hoon Peow

Chief Executive Officer, BERJAYA University College

Dr See comes with 20 years of work experience in the education industry, and with more than 10 years at the senior management level, in various educational institutions. He had ventured into management and administration of schools/colleges very early in his career. His appointment as Principal of a prestigious Chinese Independent School, at the age of 31 made him the youngest Principal.

Prior to joining BERJAYA University College, Dr See was the Principal to several colleges and as Vice-President to a university. It was during his tenure that one of the colleges had been upgraded to University College status under his leadership. He was also instrumental in setting up a new college and a private school and the first Confucius Institute, in a Private University in Malaysia.

Although his daily duties are basically administrative in nature, he has not given up on research and upgrading himself. He earned both his Master of Philosophy from the University of Malaya and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees from International Islamic University, Malaysia, as a part-time student for a total of 8 years. Prior to that, he completed his LLB (Hons) from University of Glamorgan, UK (now known as University of South Wales).

He has published numerous academic papers despite his busy schedule. In summary, he has published 4 books, 2 booklets, with more than 20 papers in reputable journals (including ISI/Scopus indexed journals), books/proceedings and conferences, both locally and internationally. He has achieved a reputation in research on issues related to education, religion and the Chinese in Malaysia.

He also speaks regularly at conferences and seminars and writes regularly on similar issues in the Malaysian media, in both English and Chinese. Dr. See is also an active member of society; he has held directorship and membership in various organizations, including the Good Shepherd Kindergarten, Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies, and etc. He plays badminton, has a love for singing, a handyman (as a hobby) and lately, pursued a new hobby in painting, using both watercolor and pencil. His life mission is to be a Renaissance man as he loves learning new things and to remain knowledgeable in a wide range of fields available.

Student Testimonials

Ben Chen, Canada

Hospitality Management, 3 Years

This is the second time I have come to Malaysia but this has been my longest stay. The first time I came I was only 10 years old and that was for a Taekwondo competition as well as vacation. Ten years later, I came back here initially for the same reason but then a family member persuaded me to join Berjaya University College of Hospitality.

The life in Malaysia compared to Canada is very different. It has taken me a year and half to get used to the heat and I am still trying to adapt. The one thing I love about Malaysia is that the food is great to eat, and as Malaysia is known to be “food heaven” that is all the more better for me, seeing as though I love food. The daily lifestyle in Malaysia is much different from back home and the climate and food has made an outbreak of pimples on my face so now I must really control the food I eat which is extremely hard to do. The people are kind and friendly and with the diverse languages here it is really testing my tongue, and on top of that it is an advantage to have a few more languages up my sleeve. The overall experience of Malaysia has been a great one and never ceases to amaze me, which is why Malaysia will always have a place in my heart.

Hiromi Rhondalee Granger, Zimbabwe

Hospitality Management, 3 Years

Studying in Malaysia has been a completely different experience. Joining Berjaya University College has given me the opportunity to be exposed to a number of different cultures, cuisine and people all at once. Learning in Malaysia is exciting because every day, I learn something different, new and interesting. I have learnt to take risks, understand different cultures and people and embrace every experience I have in this diverse country. The people in Malaysia are all friendly and pleasant to talk to. Malaysia offers a bit of everything and so far my journey in Malaysia has been unforgettable, queer, interesting and fun.

BERJAYA University College Videos

Be Berjayan

Transforming Knowledge Into Excellence | BERJAYA University College
We pride ourselves on consistently producing well-rounded, professional and competent young adults. Even before they graduate, many of them would have become award-winning talents through the many competitions that they participate in… and won!

Aspire, Acquire, Achieve Be Berjayan

Care, Passion, & Artistry: The Masters at BERJAYA University College
Today more than ever before, culinary arts professionals are regarded highly and are in demand worldwide. The ability to take an idea, fuse it with sensory knowledge, and masterfully invent a dish that both nurtures and gives pleasure to someone, is an art indeed.

Precision, Balance, & Perfection: The Masters at BERJAYA University College
Be Poised - Master the art of serving in style in the prestigious arena of world-class hospitality. The world of global hospitality has evolved tremendously in the last few decades and customers today are highly discerning and demand only the best in service. Hence, only those trained with a keen sense of understanding towards meeting this demand will be able to thrive in this exciting industry.

Contact Details

BERJAYA University College

Level 11 West Wing, Berjaya Times Square
No 1, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan

Type: University College

Tel: 03-2687 7000 / +6018-388 0696
Fax: 03- 2687 7001
Website: https://www.berjaya.edu.my
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