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8 Common Things About Campus Ghost Stories

by on October 30, 2015 | Top Stories

Every college or university has its legacy of ghost stories. We don’t usually hear about rattling chains or headless horsemen here in Malaysia (or Asia) but there are some common things about the spooky tales we hear here. In the spirit of Halloween, why don’t you also share your eerie experiences with us?

The best time to share campus ghost stories is during orientation week.

Somehow, seniors think that freshers not only need to know where the lecture halls, labs, library and the cafeteria are, but need to get familiar with the spooky side of campus as well. Yup, there’s nothing like scaring the daylights out of the poor first-years to make seniors feel more worldly wise.

The ghost is more likely to be a girl.

She usually has long hair, sometimes tied up in a beautiful braid and at other times, it may be long, back and flowy. In extreme scenarios, the long hair is wild, messed up and in need of some anti-frizz hair oil (think pontianak).

There’s a love story somewhere.

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they fall in love, and the rest is a ghost story. No, seriously, there’s nothing that fascinates us more than a spooky story where a boy was jilted or a girl spurned by her lover. Often, these stories are accompanied by heartbreak, suicide, revenge and hence, the haunting.

There’s someone in your bed.

This is probably the most common of all ghost tales. Someone sleeping with you in your bed, or you might see someone in your roommate’s bed when you know he/she is not around. Other variations include hearing someone knock at your door at the hostel, or your friend could’ve been knocking but you didn’t hear anything as you were experiencing something paranormal in your room at that time.

The older the building, the more ghosts there are inside.

So which is the oldest building on your campus? We bet it has more than its fair share of mysterious hauntings. Popular haunted buildings on campus include the library, the oldest hall of residence, the museum (if it has one), the top floor of any tall campus building… and stairs! There’s always a building with spooky stairs.

There’s a whacky teacher or principal that didn’t quite retire from the campus.

Talk about dedication, there’s always a story about a teacher who still roams the corridors or classrooms of a particular faculty. We know we should embrace lifelong learning but these ghostly gurus should just get on with the afterlife.

The toilet is always haunted, some more than others.

Why are some toilets more terrifying than others? Especially the last stall! And do we need so many mirrors in the toilets? Sheesh….

Students who suffered from making contact with (gulp!) ghosts

We’ve all heard of some version of students who got bored and tried to make contact with the supernatural. The results? Usually scary! Whether it’s a Ouija board, a coin or a collection of spells, we highly recommend staying away from such past-times. If you’re bored, play with your phone!


Happy Halloween and do share your creepy stories with us in the comments section. Is there a ghostly legend on your campus?

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