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Why study digital business

by on June 9, 2021 | Top Stories, Career Guide

Why study digital business -

What is digital business

Digital business is all about creating new value in business models and customer experiences; and using digital technologies to transform the way a business operates. The use of social media and digital platforms has grown exponentially across borders and has changed the way consumers behave. Businesses need to understand this impact and focus on new technologies and their application in driving growth, revenue and performance.

What you will study

A typical curriculum in digital business might include: micro/macroeconomics, business law, marketing, information systems, ethics, e-commerce, web development, database systems, supply chain management, mobile development, data science for business analytics, IT strategy and governance, financial technology, digital business transformation, entrepreneurship and innovation, user experience, programming and cyber security.

Is this course right for you?

  • Would you enjoy learning about e-commerce, social media and other digital platforms?
  • Are you highly flexible and adapt to change quickly?
  • Would you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment?
  • Are you passionate about keeping up with the latest developments in technology?
  • Are you curious, creative and competitive?
  • Are you good at spotting opportunities and solving problems?
  • Do you enjoy analysing data to identify trends in how consumers behave?

Career prospects

A degree in digital business will prepare you for these roles: communications and digital marketing specialist, digital manager, digital brand director, digital sales manager, digital business analyst, project manager, internet marketer, content manager, web developer, social media co-ordinator, pricing analyst, marketing co-ordinator, market analyst, product manager, distribution manager, purchaser/buyer, operations manager, quality supervisor and online support, and more.

Why study digital business

In an increasingly digital world, it pays to be at the forefront of digital trends, applications and principles. With an understanding of the impact of new technologies on business practice, products and services, digital business specialists will be able to apply their expertise to develop coherent and effective business solutions. A degree in digital business will equip you with business knowledge as well as computer and communication technology skills that will make you competitive and in-demand in the job market.

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