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Institution Profile

Asia e University


Established in 2007, AeU has brought into existence a new approach to tertiary education that gives rise to greater flexibility in learning. The philosophy is based on the belief that quality education should be made available, accessible and affordable to all people regardless of demographics. Through its unique open distance learning (ODL) model, self-paced learning and flexible study pathway, AeU enables working adults to pursue their educational dreams without much disruption to their professional and personal commitments.

AeU embraces the latest technology in order to deliver flexible, convenient and relevant pathways of learning. This is not only extends to those enrolled on AeU programmes but also reaches those who have an interest in learning and education, whether formally or informally. Whether it is for career development, personal achievement, or just the quest for knowledge, AeU can help learners to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

AeU is truly a remarkable institution, committed to social mobility and innovation, bringing many thousands of people into higher education, and helping to transform lives, work and society.

The Unique Positioning of AeU

ACD recognizes AeU as the prime mover of e-education and as an instrument for greater Asia-wide cooperation and a catalyst in higher education and narrowing the digital divide among communities and nations. The principal stakeholders of AeU are the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Asia e University

Background of AeU

Asia e University (AeU) is a unique collaborative multinational university initiated by the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD), a body established in 2002 to promote Asian cooperation at a continental level. AeU is established as a Malaysian initiative and prime mover to champion e-Education, affirmed at the ACD Ministerial Meetings in Islamabad (2005) and Doha (2006) and supported by 34 ACD member countries.

AeU collaborates with Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs) and Training Centres in the ACD member countries to offer quality and affordable academic degree and professional training programmes. The University acts as a facilitator and enabler for IHLs in Asia on mutual accreditation and recognition of the academic degree and professional programmes and leverage on the sharing of resources and facilities.

As a spearheading institution of choice in the new wave of e-learning, AeU is the major catalyst in promoting the Asia wide networks for cooperation in e-education today. Through its shared collective expertise and strategic linkages with numerous educational partners, AeU delivers programmes that are imbued with the goals of flexibility, quality and relevance to provide a truly personalised learning experience for all.

AeU is established to meet the demands for human capital and to collaborate with Asian education institutions to

  • Increase access to relevant, flexible and cost effective education and training in the region and the rest of the world.
  • Facilitate cross border accreditation of qualifications and mutual recognition of degrees via the Asia Credit Transfer System (ACTS).
  • Establish an Accreditation Board and Examination Syndicate as a quality assurance for AeU and its partners.

Schools & Programmes

In AeU, there are seven (7) schools offering a variety of programmes relevant to the contemporary Asian needs.

School of Management

The School of Management (SOM) champions and spearheads the University’s programmes in management and business related areas. These span over; business administration, human resource management, accounting, entrepreneurship, knowledge management and e-business.,/p>

The key drivers of SOM’s well-defined programmes are structured and based on core curricula that are industry-relevant, practically-driven and professionally-enhancing.

Programmes offered:

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
    • International Business
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Accounting
    • Human Resource Management
    • Marketing
    • Leadership
    • Tourism Management
  • Master in Management
  • Master of Human Resource Management
  • Master of Science (Management) (by Research)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Marketing & E-Commerce
    • Business Information System
    • Plantation Management
  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Management
    • Marketing
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Manufacturing Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Accounting

School of Education and Cognitive Science

The School of Education & Cognitive Science (SECS) is envisioned to be a leader and catalyst for educational change in the Asian region. The School engages in world class education, research and outreach efforts across all of its disciplines for educators and professionals alike. SECS upholds its tradition of quality and excellence in a diversity of education and cognitive science areas, ranging from; management, teaching pedagogies, curriculum & instruction, psychology and nursing education.

Programmes offered:

  • Master of Education
    • Curriculum & Instruction
    • Educational Psychology
    • Educational Management
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Science Education
    • Instructional Technology
    • Nursing Education
    • Higher Education Teaching
    • Educational Assessment & Evaluation
    • Teaching English as a Second Language
    • Mathematics Education
    • Teaching Bahasa Malaysia
  • Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons.)
  • Bachelor of Education (Teaching English as a Second Language) (Hons.)
  • Bachelor of Education (Teaching Malay Language in Primary School) (Hons.)
  • Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

School of Science and Technology

The School of Science & Technology (SST) was established to become the fore-runner and an innovative school in ICT education, initiatives and collaborative learning, especially in an Asian setting. The School offers a variety of programmes in the areas of ICT and IT Technology respectively.

Besides encapsulating a wide range of transferable skills including creativity, research and analysis techniques, problem-solving, communication and negotiation skills, all programmes offered by SICT are professionally designed, specialised and engaging.

Programmes offered:

  • Master in Information & Communication Technology Management
    • Project Management
    • Open Source Computing
    • Information Security
    • Knowledge Management
    • ICT Entrepreneurship,
    • Business Continuity Management
  • Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology (Hons.)
    • Information System
    • Software Engineering
    • Multimedia Computing
    • Enterprise Networking
  • Bachelor of Digital Creative Media (Hons.)

School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (SAHUSS) is envisioned to become a premiere centre for inter-disciplinary perspectives drawing mainly from the study of arts, humanities and social sciences with a special attention paid in the Asian studies.

Among the areas of study include topics such as on the arts, culture, psychology, sociology, communications, linguistics, politics, and religions. Through its inter- disciplinary approach, SAHUSS aspires to deepen interest and understanding of the Asian region’s arts, humanities and social sciences among its graduates.

Programmes offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Education (Teaching Islamic Studies in Primary School) (Hons.)
  • Diploma in Islamic Studies

School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is tasked to grow as a well-positioned centre for leading e-learning postgraduate education programmes all across Asia. The School helps students in independent research with the guidance of supervisor(s) and workshop(s), as well as provides personalised support for its Asian-centric postgraduate programmes. Students can select qualified supervisors from a pool of expertise in business administration and management, education and ICT research areas. In line with global standard, SGS appoints renowned academicians from world-class universities as its external examiners.

Programmes offered:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Finance)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Education)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Information and Communication Technology)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Social and Behavioural Science)

School of Foundation Studies

The School of Foundation Studies (SFS) was formed as the university’s Centre of Excellence for Pre-University Education. In providing quality university preparation programmes designed to meet the needs of students of multiple languages, education and cultural background across Asia.

Institutions Act 1996 (Act 555). Programmes offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are internationally benchmarked and approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. AeU academic programmes are also recognised by several ACD and non-ACD countries.

Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

Pre-University/Foundation Studies
International Foundation Programme (IFP)
Fees (Local): Refer to Univ.
Duration: Full-Time: 1 Year (2 semesters) ; Part-Time: 2 Years (4 semesters) ; Online (Modular) : 1 Year
Diploma Level
Diploma in Islamic Studies
Duration: 3.5 Yrs
Bachelor's Degree Level
Bachelor in Accounting (Hons)
Fees (Local): Refer to Univ.
Duration: Full time : 3 years (9 semester) Part-time : 5 years (15 semester)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Graphic Design
Duration: 4 Yrs (10 Sems)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)
Fees (Local): Refer to Univ.
Duration: 4 Yrs 4 Months
Bachelor of Digital Creative Media (Hons)
Fees (Local): Refer to Univ.
Duration: Full Time: 3 years (9 Semesters) Part-Time: 4 years & 3 months (13 Semesters)
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons)
Fees (Local): Refer to Univ.
Duration: 4 years & 4 months (13 Semesters)
Bachelor of Education (Teaching Islamic Studies in Primary School) with Honours
Duration: 4 Yrs 4 Months
Bachelor of Education (Teaching Malay Language in Primary School) with Honours
Fees (Local): Refer to Univ.
Duration: 4 Yrs 4 Months
Bachelor of Education (TESL) with Honours
Fees (Local): Refer to Univ.
Duration: 4 to 5 years (12 semesters to 15 semesters)
Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology (Honours)
Fees (Local): Refer to Univ.
Duration: FT: 3 years (9 Semesters) / PT: 4 years & 8 months (14 Semesters)
Graduate Diploma
Graduate Diploma in Accounting
Duration: 2 Yrs 4 Months
Graduate Diploma in Business Management
Duration: 2 Yrs 4 Months
Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Duration: 2 to 2.5 Yrs
Masters Degree Level
Master in Management
Duration: 1-2 Years
Master of Business Administration
Duration: 2 Yrs
Master of Education
Duration: 2 Yrs
Master of Human Resource Management
Duration: 2 Years
Master of Information and Communication Technology Management
Duration: 1 Year 8 months to 2 years (5 Semesters)
Master of Science (Management)
Duration: 2-3 Years
Doctoral Degree (Ph.D) Level
Doctor of Business Administration
Duration: 3-4 Yrs
Doctor of Philosophy (Education)
Duration: FT- 3 Yrs / PT - 4 Yrs
Doctor of Philosophy (Finance)
Duration: 4 Yrs
Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities)
Duration: 4 Yrs
Doctor of Philosophy (Information and Communication Technology)
Duration: FT:3 Yrs ; PT:4 Yrs
Doctor of Philosophy (Social & Behavioural Science)
Duration: FT:3 Yrs ; PT:4 Yrs
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
Duration: FT:3 Yrs ; PT:4 Yrs

Active Scholarships

  • Scholarship / Fund / Loan
  • Asia e University Scholarship

    Deadline: Ongoing
    Asia e University is offering scholarships to both Malaysian and international students to pursue their education with AeU.

Key Personnel

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed

Founder President, Asia e University (AeU)

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary Ahmed, is a very successful Malaysian academic entrepreneur. He is the Founder President of the Asia e University (AeU), a collaborative multinational university initiated by the Asian Cooperative Dialogue.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary has served in numerous national and international level committees. Internationally, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ansary was a member of UNESCO Kornberg 21 st Century Visionaries for Higher Education and served as UNESCO Technical Consultant. He has represented Malaysia as a member of Board of Trustees ASEAN University Network for several years and has from time to time acted as International e learning consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. He was the Project Director for Total e learning Solution, Ministry of Higher Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has served as Honorary Advisor for Asia under the Commonwealth of Learning, Vancouver, Canada for several years. Currently, he has been elected into the Executive Committee of the International Council for Distance Education based in Norway. He is also an Executive member of the Asian Cooperative Dialogue (ACD) University Network and Global Advisor for Santa Barbara Leadership Centre. USA.

At the national level, Prof Dato’ Dr. Ansary has been actively involved as a Steering committee member of National Biotechnology Group, and as Special Science Officer at the Science Advisor Office, Prime Minister’s Department. He also served as member of Task Force National Technology at Mapping Project, National Innovation System and Headed the Pharmaceutical Secretariat at Malaysian Industry Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) in Prime Ministers’ Department. Prof Dato’ Dr Ansary also served on the Science Council of the Malaysian Agriculture Development Institute Malaysia (MARDI) for several years. He had also served as a Project leader for Evaluation of Intensification of Research Priority Areas under the Malaysian Academy of Sciences, as a Member on Study on Post-Industrial Master Plan; Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER)..

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ansary has served as Chairman and member of several national level task forces and committees in Ministry of Higher Education. He was National Chairman for Internationalisation, National Chairman for e learning critical agenda project, and currently serves as a member of National Life Long Learning Council. He is a long serving member of Asian Institute of Charted Banker Education Committee and served as a Task Force Member for the establishment of the Asian Banking School, and is presently member of the Transformation of the banking sector, under the auspices of Central Bank Malaysia. He is currently active serving member of State Religious and Malays Customs Council (JAIPK) under the Sultan of Perak, Malaysia and he has served as the Chairman of the Audit Committee and serves as member in the Risk Management and Education Transformation Committees of the Religious Council. He has been serving as Committee Member for Leadership Development under the Razak School of Government, under the Head of Civil Service, Malaysia. He has also been the Education Ambassador for the Ministry of Tourism He has recently been appointed as an executive committee member of the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce Higher Education Committee.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary received his PhD from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom specializing in Molecular Biology. He started his academic career as a tutor at the Department of Genetics and Cellular Biology, University of Malaya in 1979. He was promoted to full Professor in 1994 and was the Founder Dean of Institute of Graduate Studies until 2002. Upon taking optional retirement he was appointed the Senior Vice President and became the Co-founder of Open University Malaysia.

Professor Dato’ Dr. Ansary was the recipient of the Most Promising Entrepreneur by Enterprise Asia in 2010 in recognition of AeU’s great success as a Startup. He was awarded Honorary Associate Fellow of Institute of Bankers Malaysia by Central Bank Malaysia for his long service in 2012. In recognition of his vast contributions to e education he was ASEAN Master class leader in e education development (2018) and is the FIRST recipient of the National e learning Maestro Award (2018). Most recently, Prof Dato’ Ansary was conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Education by Siam University, Thailand (2020).

He was conferred the Darjah Johan Negeri from the State of Penang Governor in 2005, and in 2007 the Darjah Paduka Mahkota Perak from His Royal Highness Sultan of Perak, which carries the title Dato’.

Contact Details

Asia e University (AeU)

Wisma Subang Jaya, No.106, Jalan SS15/4
47500 Subang Jaya

Type: Private University & University College

Tel: +603-5022 3456
Website: https://aeu.edu.my/
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