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First City University College (FCUC)

First City University College (FCUC)

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Institution Profile

First City University College

First City University College has been a trusted private higher education provider in Malaysia since 1990. For over three decades, the institution has consistently offered affordable and high-quality higher education to both Malaysian and international students.

First City University College offers future-proof, industry-driven programmes and they are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and relevant professional bodies.

First City University College’s students are reputed to be highly employable as they are prepared to be future-proof and globally competitive.

With an exemplary track record of providing private higher education of high quality in Malaysia, First City University College achieved a “Competitive” rating under the Integrated Rating of Malaysian Higher Education Institutions - SETARA by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. Additionally, the institution was recently honoured with the Malaysian Education Excellence Award at the National Education and Learning Summit (NELS) 2024.

These accolades reflect the institution’s steadfast commitment to maintaining a standard of excellence in private higher education in Malaysia.

Why Choose First City University College

First City University College

  • Industry-driven and future-proof programmes
  • Strong industry linkages
  • Internationally recognised qualifications
  • Global employability
  • Outstanding student achievements and awards
  • Global alumni network - Successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry award winners
  • Nurturing and supportive learning environment
  • Conducive and serene campus environment
  • Ideal campus location - Nestled in the vibrant township and bustling commercial district of Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya
  • Excellent Lifestyle Hub - Abundant recreational, leisure, and entertainment facilities in proximity
  • Excellent connectivity and accessibility, including MRT, e-hailing services, and a convenient Shuttle Bus System.

The Facilities

First City University College

Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Communication

Our core mission is to nurture and educate students, shaping them into the business leaders of the future.

The Faculty of Business, Hospitality & Communication provides a range of programmes in Accounting & Finance, Business Management, Marketing, Media & Communication, Hospitality & Hotel Management at Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor, and Master levels, all tailored to meet industry standards. With over three decades of experience, the Faculty has built a strong reputation for producing highly skilled and employable graduates, including those who have succeeded as entrepreneurs. Our core mission is to nurture and educate students, shaping them into the business leaders of the future. We ensure that our students acquire the essential knowledge and skills necessary to analyse and navigate the constantly evolving business landscape. The notable achievements of our graduates are a testament to the high-quality holistic education and training they receive

Career Opportunities:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Mass Communication
  • Hospitality & Hotel Management

First City University College

Faculty of Design & Built Environment

Our well-equipped facilities include spacious studios, cutting-edge computer hardware and software, state-of-the-art design laboratories and studios, workshops, and a diverse array of equipment.

The Faculty of Design & Built Environment takes pride in its teaching faculty, comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in both education and industry. Leveraging years of collaborative partnerships with well-regarded UK universities, we integrate the best of British design education, tailoring it to meet local needs and expectations. This approach ensures that students gain cutting-edge design capabilities, enhancing their employability to the fullest.

Our well-equipped facilities include spacious studios, cutting-edge computer hardware and software, state-of-the-art design laboratories and studios, workshops, and a diverse array of equipment. These resources are strategically designed and made available to facilitate the learning process, empowering students to develop practical skills and evolve into proficient and professional designers.

Career Opportunities:

  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture & Product Design
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Interior Architecture & Design

First City University College

Faculty of Computer Science & Technology

Industry-driven computing programmes at foundation, diploma, bachelor, and master levels, tailored to meet industry standards. With a reputable history spanning over 30 years, the faculty has consistently produced highly qualified and employable graduates in the fields of computing, including those who have excelled as entrepreneurs.

Our approach involves integrating advanced tools and software into the curriculum to enable students to:

  • Experiment and cultivate practical skills, ensuring they graduate as industry-ready professionals.
  • Develop skills and knowledge to interpret their environment and engage in professional conduct.
  • Cultivate the ability to learn and adopt and adapt to the challenges posed by Industry 4.0, cloud computing, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things.
  • Acquire the essential traits of innovative IT professionals.

Career Opportunities:

  • Computer Science (Intelligence System)
  • Software engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Information Technology (Networking & Security)
  • Information Systems in Business Management

First City University College

A Nurturing & Supportive Learning Environment

Creating a nurturing and supportive environment is critical for facilitating optimal learning experiences. At First City University College we have designed our learning environment to inspire and motivate our students while also encouraging them to explore their full potential.

With an environment as such, our students feel valued and respected, which boosts their confidence and helps them develop a sense of belonging. This learning environment will also lead them to greater creativity where critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for their academic success.

Our learning environment also fosters a sense of community and collaboration, where students can work together, share ideas, and support each other in their learning journey. This results in the students being more engaged and invested in their learning, leading to optimal learning outcomes.

  • Spacious Lecture Theatres
  • Comprehensive Library
  • Specialised Workshops and Studios
  • Cutting-Edge Sports Centre
  • Well-Equipped Laboratories
  • On-Campus Accommodation (First City Residence) with Round-the-Clock Security

First City University College

Conducive & Serene Campus Environment

First City University College’s well-equipped, eco-friendly campus sits on a prime 13-acre land in Bandar Utama in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

While the green campus is situated adjacent to the bustling and vibrant Bandar Utama City Centre, students can expect beautiful, serene surrounding as they step foot on the campus. The calm environment is conducive for students to stay focused and excel in their studies.

First City University College provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating campus environment for students to receive the best of their tertiary education.

Study Awards & Financial Assistance

At First City University College, we believe accessibility to quality education will shape and build a better future for students

First City University College Study Awards

  • Merit Study Award
  • UEC Study Award
  • Sports Study Award
  • Bursary Award
  • Bachelor Degree Transfer (Year 1 or Year 2) Direct Entry Incentives
  • Sibling Incentives
  • Postgraduate Incentives for New Students
  • Postgraduate Incentives for Alumni
  • Special Tuition Grant
  • School Teacher Offspring Incentive (Secondary School Teachers)

Financial Assistance

  • PTPTN Loan
  • EPF Withdrawal
  • Sin Chew Education Fund
  • Elena Cooke Education Fund
  • Interest Free Instalment Payment
  • Easy Payment Schemes (RHB Smart Instalment & Maybank EzyPay)

Our Facilities

First City University College boasts state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities designed to provide students with an exceptional educational experience. The campus is equipped with modern lecture halls, well-stocked libraries, and cutting-edge laboratories that cater to a wide range of disciplines.

These facilities ensure that students have access to the latest technology and resources, supporting a hands-on and interactive learning environment. The university college also offers specialized spaces such as design studios, workshops, and IT labs, all of which are tailored to meet the specific needs of various academic programmes.

The facilities at First City University College also includes First City Residence, our on-campus student accommodation, that comes equipped with a modern sports centre. Security is provided 24/7 with smart card access system. There are options for single or twin sharing rooms. All rooms are air-conditioned with ensuite bathrooms.

Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Diploma Level
Diploma in Business Administration
Duration: 2 years
Diploma in Graphic Design
Duration: 2 years 4 months
Diploma in Hotel Management
Duration: 2 years
Diploma in Information Technology
Duration: 2 years
Diploma in Interior Design
Duration: 2 years 4 months
Diploma in Mass Communication
Duration: 2 years
Masters Degree Level
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Duration: Full Time: 1 year / Part Time: 2 years
Master of Design Management
Duration: Full Time: 1 year / Part Time: 2 years
Master of Software Engineering
Duration: Full Time: 1 year / Part Time: 2 years

Latest Achievement News

Key Personnel

Prof. Dr. Saw Sor Heoh

Vice-Chancellor, First City University College (FCUC)

Prof Dr Saw has a first class Bachelor of Science (Hons) Physics and a PhD in Physics specializing in plasma confinement fusion energy technology from University of Malaya. She also has a Master of Arts in Educational Management from The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. 

With over 30 years of teaching, management and research experiences with private higher institutions of learning, Prof Dr Saw is among the pioneers in private higher education in Malaysia. Her achievements and expertise include engineering education, academic quality assurance, ISO quality management systems, student learning enhancement, academic staff development and research capacity building. She has successfully set-up ISO quality management system, pedagogical skills training and developed research capacity for two new private universities in Malaysia. She is a member of the Malaysia Qualifications Agency for Standards: Master’s and Doctoral Degree by Research document task force. 

Prof Dr Saw is an accomplished researcher in fusion technology with over 150 journal publications, research projects and PhD students. She founded numerous conferences and sits in various International Advisory Committees. She has been a recipient of various international grants including from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy and the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna. She also led and participated in many national grants, has a patent filed for an innovative fusion energy device system and received the National Outstanding Educator Award 2015 from the Private Education Co-operative of Malaysia. 

An international academic figure, Prof Dr Saw was awarded an Honorary Life Membership of the Turkish Science and Research Foundation, is the Co-Director of the Institute of Plasma Focus Studies, and was a Consultant Visiting Professor to the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Kansas State University. Prof Saw is currently the Vice-President of Asian-African Association for Plasma Training, a role she has held since 2012.

Student Testimonials

Lim Siang Han, Malaysia

Bachelor of Electronic Engineering with Honours

The Foundation in Engineering, Science & Technology (FEST) programme is wholesome and flexible. Even though I went on to study Electronic Engineering, I make sure to remember what I learned from my software coding classes!

Stephanie Wong, Malaysia

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design

First City UC’s Foundation in Art & Design programme was a good place to learn about the different types of designs. It also prepared me for the challenges of my current Bachelor Degree Programme.

Phang Jo Yee - Manager, Mobile Application Development company

BSc (Hons) Information Communication Technology

The student welfare was very good-pleasant service and communication between the students and staff. The environment and course structure were great. The highlight, however, are the lecturers. I have studied in different institutions and none of them has the warmth I experienced in First City UC. You will know they are great when time flies during classes and you still meet up for lunch years after graduation.

Vince Tan - Co-Founding CEO, Digital Marketing Agency, Social Property

BSc (Hons) Computer Studies

The college had a friendly environment, as most of the lecturers and staff were always courteous and warm. They were also very approachable, which made the students feel comfortable in getting their advice and guidance. I would recommend First City UC because they have courses which are industry-relevant.

Dr. Tan Yeow Kee - Founder & CEO, Home Monitoring System

BTEC HND in Computer Studies

KBU has provided me with the right mentor and most conducive environment to explore beyond the curriculum, where the sky is the limit. Through such experience, I have learnt to always seek innovation and continue to invent things that can make the world a better place for everyone.

Chris Leong - Director of Strategy, A Fintech start-up

BEng (Hons) Electronics & Computing

It is a convenient place for me to study and KBU has a good reputation in Engineering. I enjoyed the course and the experience, especially since the engineering course has a lot of students who are strong technically; it provided us with a very competitive yet conducive environment.

Michael Yong - Chief Operating Officer, Security Systems Solution company

BEng (Hons) Electrical Engineering

I was among the earliest batch to enrol with KBU when it first started. At that time, KBU was operating from a shoplot in Damansara Utama before moving to the current main campus. The lecturers were very committed and sincere when it comes to ensuring the well-being of the students. They were always patient with us. Their daily effort has made us realise that education is very important and gave us a new purpose in life. This is where I built up my character and motivation in many aspects of my life.

Chen Weng Kin - President, Product Design and Development Consulting company,China

BEng (Hons) Electrical Engineering

In 1992, KBU was one of the first colleges offering a higher local diploma with a pathway to a Bachelor’s degree and ties to British university. It had been 20 years since I left KBU but I still remember and appreciate the dedication shown by its teaching staff towards ensuring that we were well-equipped when we graduate. They played a major role in my successful career.

Lau Yi Lin

Master of Business Administration

The flexibility of the Master of Business Administration course offered by First City UC motivated me to study here. Through this course I am equipped with broader business knowledge and project management skills. It provided me the golden opportunity to study with working professionals in the business field. Eventually, I have successfully enhanced my relationships with other MBA students which helped me to generate useful professional networking contacts. Today, I am more confident when it comes to providing corporate presentations at work in one of the most prestigious multinational corporations (MNC) in the pharmaceutical industry. Last but not least, the combination of my MBA and ACCA achievements has significantly improved my career growth as well as my leadership expertise in the business world.

Lim Chin Sian

Master of Business Administration

The pursuit for a master degree was one of my personal goals since I was starting my career life. Enrolling in the Anglia Ruskin MBA programme was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The MBA programme conducted by First City UC provides the same accreditation as the UK programme, however at a lower cost. I could continue to work full time while attending weekend classes. It provided the opportunity to meet other students from different professional backgrounds which is priceless. Most importantly, it has transformed my life and career tremendously in a manner that helped me confidently reposition my career and life. It also inspired me to think how to consistently stay competitive in the job market.

Mah Foong Yee

Master of Business Administration

I have always been passionate about continuous learning and development. After working with large corporations like Maybank, Hong Leong Assurance and 13 years with General Electric, I decided to study for my Master of Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University, at First City University College. The curriculum using case studies delivered by experienced lecturers opened my eyes to many different aspects of business considerations and strategies, especially in the current turbulent business environment. With my MBA and corporate experience and business knowledge, I am currently teaching at Monash College in Melbourne.

Sarah Lee

Master of Business Administration

The assignment-based MBA course offered by Anglia Ruskin University and conducted by KBU International College, now elevated to First City University College, was workable for me. I could juggle my time management between working in Singapore and Cambodia, attending classes back in KBU (Malaysia) on weekends and working on assignments. In the first year, I commuted 10 hours every weekend from Singapore to attend classes. In the subsequent and final year, I flew back from Phnom Penh (Cambodia) to Malaysia every weekend to attend classes.The MBA had enriched my knowledge, inculcated critical and analytical thinking skills. I thoroughly benefitted from the MBA course in both personal and professional development.

Sam Choon Hong - Assistant Customer Relations Manager

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

I like studying at First City UC. The friendliness of students from different courses created a cozy study environment. I had an opportunity to study very interesting subjects on Tourism Management, Law and Marketing and gained a lot of knowledge.The practical classes on accommodation, kitchen and event management were very challenging and provided a good experience for me. Furthermore the lecturers were very professional and patient in guiding me.

Lim Ching Wen - Airline Service Management

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

First City University College provided me a solution to my indecision over what course to take because I was not sure what I wanted to do for the future. It gave me an opportunity to study the course I am interested in. No doubt, it was the best choice that I made. With its central location, friendly atmosphere, the quality of facilities and most importantly the quality of the lecturers and education here, I would recommend my friends to study here. In addition, First City UC gave me the opportunity to study abroad. Through its partner HTMi, I did my degree in Switzerland for a year and had the best experience meeting people from all over the world. I would like to thank First City UC for this.

Christine, Chen Xiao Ling - Global Payroll Manager

BA (Hons) Business Administration

I chose to study at First City UC as it has a very conducive environment that provides students with a very comfortable feeling. The course is well planned and the lecturers are experienced. I strongly recommend First City UC to students because you hardly can find an environment that offers you a “university feeling” in the city. You can enjoy sports after study or continue reading a book in the campus to suit your preference for action or reflection. Also, the quality of the lectures is always up to expectation.

Liu Bo - Statutory Compliance Manager

BA (Hons) Business Administration

I love the environment in First City UC. It is centrally located and very convenient. After class, I like to study in the library and relax at the green playground. The college staff are very friendly and helpful. The lecturers often use real-life examples in the class which has taken my learning beyond theory. I have also learnt to apply my knowledge to coursework carried out in various forms, e.g. working in teams, conducting research, giving presentations, etc. I have also made many good friends, some have become very close to me. This is a positive place to further my education and the experience has broadened my horizon.

Laura Wahyudi, Indonesia

Foundation in Art and Design

I am very impressed that KBU is able to offer an environment that is very conducive to learning despite being located in a prime commercial district. What makes the place great is that the campus is so calm and peaceful, and yet it is just within walking distance to good eateries and shopping places. This is the college where students can expect a balanced education. Teaching and learning is supported by great facilities while the in-campus sports and recreational facilities offer students a great environment for personal development.

Li Yue, China

KBU offers a very good learning environment to all students. The facilities are good and the teaching staff always goes the extra mile for the students.

Nguyen Thi Van Anh, Vietnam

I find the living cost in Malaysia to be very affordable, just like my home country, Vietnam. Even with a small allowance, I believe everyone can still live comfortably here.

Nam Ui-yeong, South Korea

I’ve certainly benefited from the international community at KBU. In my class alone, I have friends from more than nine countries. I find the whole learning experience at KBU to be very stimulating.

Ali Akhbar Kabirian, Iran

Even though I’m thousand miles away from home, I still feel happy and comfortable living here in Malaysia. I find the people around me to be very kind and helpful. I have no problems at all adapting to my new environment.

Pan Chen, China

Engineering - 3 years

Being an engineering student, I cannot help but read and write many reports. The basics that I’ve learned in the Intensive English Programme have certainly been helpful in preparing me for these challenging tasks.

Taing Chung Ly, Cambodia

There are students from seven different countries in my current class. By just mingling with them, I’ve already gained invaluable learning experience.

Baek Ji Yeon, Korea

Being a Korean, I would have chosen an institution in the US to learn English. But, now I know I’ve made the right choice. I’ve no regrets.

Ooi Yoong Fuang

B.Eng (Hons) Electrical & Electronics Engineering

I personally like physics and maths a lot, thus, I chose to engineering after my secondary education. KBU International College appeared to have the best engineering faculty (E & E & E & C) after reviewing information I had gathered about engineering courses provided by all the colleges in Malaysia. Hence without any doubt, I selected KBU International College to continue my tertiary education in order to pursue my dream to be an engineer. I am grateful to have chosen this college as not only are the lecturers experienced and helpful, the facilities here are excellent.

Sim Chen Chin Beng

B.Eng (Hons) Electronics & Computing

After studying in KBU International College for all these three years, I feel so lucky that I’m one of the students of this college. It provides a good study environment and facilities. Now that I have successfully completed the course, I’m truly grateful to have great support from my lecturers. Thank you, KBU.

Ye Phuong Hoang, Vietnam

English, Higher Basic

My name is Hoang and I’m 19 years old. I come from Vietnam where I live in Hanoi City. I came here with my mum last year. KBU had previously come to my country to introduce about its courses. After that, my mum decided to let me pursue my study here. When I first came here, I couldn’t speak English well. But now, after 6 months studying here, I can speak better English and I am enjoying it very much and promise to study hard. I live in the hostel, which is a safe and convenient place for me as I can buy everything near my hostel and can access to anywhere easily. In addition, I also like the weather here. I hope that I can pass my subjects and obtain the certificate. KBU is a good college for me.

Marisa A.O. Chukwumah, Nigeria

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

My name is Marisa A.O. Chukwumah. I spent a very good year at KBU and, as an International Student from Nigeria, I can say that the lecturers, the students and most importantly the environment are perfect - good and conducive learning environment.

Nguyen Thi Thamh Lam, Vietnam

English, Final Year

My name is Lam and I am 16 years old. I have been living in Malaysia since April 2003. My friend in my country introduced me to come to KBU to study. When I first came to Malaysia, I was really homesick and I missed my parents and my friends. However, I’m happy now because I have made a lot of new friends here. All my teachers are very kind to me and I think I did not make a mistake when I chose to study at this college. Besides, the quality of education is good and cheap.

Furthermore, I can get a degree from the UK, which is my dream. I want to get this for my parents and it will also be really good for my future.

Ong Wen Yung

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electronics & Computing

I enrolled in KBU International College in 1998 to do engineering. My choice was influenced by the well-equipped engineering and computer laboratories. The sports facilities and large compound provide an opportunity for me to experience campus life. The syllabus and teaching style is much towards application that mirrors the real world. Lecturers are kind enough to provide me extra help in addition to the lectures and tutorials. I have also gained much valuable leadership experience and organisation and social skills in the active clubs and societies, especially in the Student Council and Christian Fellowship, under the guidance of dedicated college staff. These have enabled me to become a mature adult with the skills necessary to enter working life seamlessly.

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