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Courses and careers in computer science and ICT

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Courses and careers in computer science and ICT -

A. Careers in computer science and ICT

If you’re considering a career in computer science or ICT, you might be wondering if both disciplines mean the same thing. So, do they? Not quite. Although both share many similarities, each discipline has a different focus. For a start, ICT is not just about computers, rather, it has a broad approach that studies how digital information is communicated. In contrast, IT is focuses on hardware and the way computers process data, while computer science focuses on theory and programming.

At bachelor degree level, the courses you can take in this field include:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Bioinformatics)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Computational Science)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Network and Security)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Cyber Security)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Data Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science in Data Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Games & Interactive Media)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Graphics & Multimedia Software)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Information Systems)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Intelligent Systems)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science in Interactive Software Technology
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Systems and Networking)
  • BSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence
  • BSc in Computer Science with a Specialism in Data Analytics
  • BSc in Computer Science with a specialism in Digital Forensics
  • Bachelor of Business Informatics
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Microelectronic Engineering
  • Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology/ICT
  • Bachelor of Multimedia/Multimedia & Digital Arts
  • Bachelor of Science (Games Software Design and Production)
  • Bachelor of Internet Science and Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)

Here’s a look at different careers grouped according to different roles within the field. Do note that job roles will overlap in many work environments – as such, do not rely on a job title only to determine what duties you will be undertaking in a particular setting. It’s best to do some research about different industries and organisations, their job titles, and the specific tasks they require, in order to find a job role that best matches your skills and interests.


  • Business analyst
  • Business systems analyst
  • Business systems planner
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Database analyst
  • Information security analyst
  • Systems administration analyst
  • Test analyst


  • Analyst/ Programmer
  • Application programmer
  • Computer animator
  • Data warehouse developer
  • Database developer
  • Developer/ Applications programmer
  • e-Commerce programmer
  • Games designer and developer
  • Multimedia developer
  • Network analyst
  • Senior programmer
  • Software developer
  • Software programmer
  • Systems programmer
  • Web programmer


  • Development manager
  • e-Commerce project manager
  • Information systems manager
  • IT project manager
  • Network manager
  • Operations manager
  • Service manager
  • Team leader
  • Technical development manager
  • Test manager

Quality specialists

  • Auditor
  • EDP auditor
  • QA test analyst
  • Quality lead
  • Quality specialist
  • Tester


  • Computer hardware engineer
  • Computer service engineer
  • Computer systems engineer
  • Customer engineer
  • Electronics engineer
  • Hardware design engineer
  • Integration engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Systems engineer
  • Technical support engineer
  • Telecommunications engineer

Other specialist roles

  • Communications specialist
  • Computer network architect
  • Computer and information research scientist
  • Data modeller
  • Design specialist
  • Design technician/ specialist – research and development (R&D)
  • Desktop publisher
  • e-Commerce architect
  • e-Learning coordinator
  • Geographic information specialist
  • Instructional designer
  • Internet/ Intranet administrator
  • Knowledge management specialist
  • Network administrator
  • Network designer
  • Security specialist
  • Software architect
  • Solutions architect
  • Systems administrator
  • Technical implementer
  • Technical installer
  • Technical writer/ documenter
  • Web administrator
  • Web architect
  • Web designer

End-user and technical support roles

  • Computer operator
  • Computer systems officer
  • Customer engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Hardware technician
  • Helpdesk operator
  • ICT trainer/ educator
  • Repair/ Service engineer

Sales and marketing

  • Account manager
  • After-sales consultant
  • Computer sales and marketing manager
  • Contracts administration manager
  • Customer contact centre operator
  • Customer training officer
  • Pre-sales consultant
  • Post-sales consultant

Source: Adapted from Graduate Careers Australia - “Careers in Information & Communications Technology (ICT)”

So now that you’ve got an idea about the types of occupations that are available in the field of computer science, ICT and IT, your next step is to check out the skills you will need in this sector. Do note that this field undergoes change constantly, so you’ll need to keep abreast of new technologies such as languages, software, operating systems, networking systems and hardware.

  • .Net Technologies
  • C++/C#/C
  • Data Warehousing
  • DB2
  • Delphi
General Application Development / Software
  • COBOL (legacy systems)
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • Lotus Notes
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PowerBuilder
  • Powerhouse
  • Progress
  • Sybase SQL Server
Internet, Networking / LAN/WAN
  • Advanced Web Design
  • ASP
  • IPX
  • J2EE
  • SNA
  • SOAP
  • XML
ERM / CRM applications
  • SAP
  • PeopleSoft
  • Siebel
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • VMS
  • Windows
Process & Systems Management
  • Broad Commercial Business Understanding
  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis
  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
  • e-Commerce Security (non-programming)
  • Network Security/ Firewall/ Internet Security
  • PKI
  • Risk Management
Geographical Information Systems
  • GIS
Other Specialisations
  • Test Analysis – VAT, SIT
  • Ingress (database)

B. Courses in computer science, ICT & IT

The final step is to choose a course that equips you with the skills you need in order to pursue the career you want within the field of computer science, ICT or IT. If you’re still not sure, speak to your school counsellor or get more information from the course advisors of these higher education institutions in Malaysia.

Here are institutions and their computing courses offered at diploma and bachelor’s degree levels:

Click on one of the logos below to jump to their respective sections.
Asia e University Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) Curtin University Sarawak First City University College German-Malaysian Institute (GMI) HELP University Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) International University of Malaya-Wales MAHSA University Management & Science University Manipal International University Malaysia Monash University Malaysia Multimedia University (MMU) University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Quest International University Perak SEGi University & Colleges Sunway University Taylor’s University Tunku Abdul Rahman University College UCSI University University College of Technology Sarawak University College TATI (UC TATI) Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering (UNIMY) UOW Malaysia KDU University College UTM School of Professional and Continuing Education (UTMSPACE)
Asia e University (AeU) -

Asia e University (AeU)

Campus: Subang Jaya, Selangor

Established in 2007, Asia e University (AeU) is a leading Open and Distance Learning (ODL) university in Malaysia, and one of the premier ODL institutions in Asia. AeU gives students the option of choosing part-time or full-time study enabling working adults to pursue their educational dreams without much disruption to their professional and personal commitments.

AeU collaborates with global educational institutions to offer quality, affordable and marketable programmes through e-learning. Its cross-border and cross-culture programmes have attracted students from 80 countries with an alumni of almost 18000 graduates. AeU embraces the latest technology in order to deliver flexible, convenient and relevant pathways of learning. This not only extends to those enrolled on AeU programmes but also reaches those who have an interest in learning and education, whether formally or informally. Whether it is for career development, personal achievement, or just the quest for knowledge, AeU can help learners to fulfil their dreams and aspirations.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) -

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

Main campus: Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

With an international student community of more than 11,000 students from more than 110 countries studying in its Malaysian campus, APU offers a truly cosmopolitan learning environment which prepares students well for the global challenges which lie ahead. APU offers a wide range of degrees with Technology as a common core. It is APU’s aim to nurture and encourage innovation through our programmes, with the intention of producing individuals who will learn, adapt and think differently in new and better ways.

The Asia Pacific University has and always will, continue to develop and deliver its academic programmes through unique and well-established international partnerships, particularly with Staffordshire University, UK but also with other partners throughout the world. APU’s academic programmes are approved by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia and the qualifications are accredited, or provisionally accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Curtin University Sarawak -

Curtin University Sarawak

Campus: Miri, Sarawak

As the largest overseas branch of its Australian parent, Curtin University’s Sarawak campus offers an affordable, quality Australian education and a global learning experience in a unique Malaysian setting. Courses offered at Curtin Sarawak are identical to those offered at the main campus in Perth. Academic staff prepare students to live and work within a global environment by ensuring the academic skills and practical experience the students accumulate are informed by the latest research and partnership with industry, government and the community.

To best meet student and industry needs, Curtin Sarawak applies Curtin's 'triple-i' model, which ensures that industry links, intercultural and indigenous awareness, and interdisciplinary study are embedded into each course curriculum. As a result, students receive a diverse, challenging and rewarding education grounded in the real world, and are job-ready when they graduate.

First City University College -

First City University College

Campus: Bandar Utama, Selangor

Set in a 13-acre serene campus in a prime, integrated residential and commercial district, First City UC is well-poised to offer students an environment that is conducive for a holistic education. A new campus expansion is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2016 – the campus which comprises a new academic block and en-suite air-conditioned student accommodation, is equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities that are needed for students to excel in their studies. Our in-campus sports and recreational facilities will also enable students to have a truly enriching and balanced education and campus experience.

Aligned with our vision and mission to provide tertiary education and training of the highest quality to both local and international students, we set a high benchmark for our students to achieve excellence in their academic pursuit at the university college. Our track record of consistently producing a good number of first class honours graduates year after year speaks volumes for our quest for excellence and the high standard of our education and training provisions.

German-Malaysian Institute (GMI) -

German-Malaysian Institute (GMI)

Campus: Kajang, Selangor

GMI was established as a result of a joint venture between the governments of Malaysia and Germany. GMI is governed by a 10-member Board of Directors comprising representatives from both governments, plus public and industrial representatives.

GMI offers diverse training programmes and services comprising full time diploma programmes, a pre-university programme (A-Level), skills upgrading technical courses, train-the-trainers programmes, and industrial consultancy and services.

HELP University -

HELP University

Campuses: Damansara Heights, Subang 2, Fraser Business Park

Founded in 1986 to provide affordable quality educational opportunities for Malaysians, HELP University has become a leading institution of higher learning in Malaysia with a firmly established international reputation. It offers a wide and diverse range of programmes covering business, law, entrepreneurship, management, economics, IT, psychology, communication, social sciences and the humanities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

HELP’s vision is to help everyone succeed in life and live a life of significance through education. Its mission is to be a university with a strong culture of quality and leadership that focuses on sound academic standards, continuous improvement, and talent development of students and staff. It will also offer a learning experience that enhances career development, lifetime values and personal fulfillment. One of HELP’s missions is to share its success with the stakeholders and community it serves.

Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) -

Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL)

Campuses: Kajang, Selangor

Enhanced with up-to-date academic facilities, IUKL strives to always provide high quality education relevant to the industry while encouraging innovative thinking. As a full-fledged university that aims to be a research intensive institution, the Research Management Centre (RMC) has been set up and tasked to spearhead the university's high-impact academic research.

IUKL offers programmes that meet industry expectations and cover undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in a wide range of disciplines. The curriculum of these programmes are carefully designed to not only meet the requirements of MQA and MOHE, and professional bodies, but also to equip students with the right skills, attitude and knowledge for the industry. IUKL prides itself in providing students with practical hands-on experience that inculcates confidence and enables them to be ready for the workplace upon graduating. About 90% of IUKL students are employed within 6 months after graduation.

International University of Malaya-Wales -

International University of Malaya-Wales

Campus: Kuala Lumpur

International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) is the first university in South East Asia to be accepted as a member of the United Kingdom's Higher Education Academy (HEA), a renowned British body for learning and teaching in higher education.

IUMW provides the opportunity of a world class higher education at very competitive tuition fees with numerous options of popular courses. The IUMW student exchange programme provides students with the opportunity to study at the University of Wales. The flexibility and student mobility encourages cross cultural exposure and promotes more opportunities between Kuala Lumpur and Wales.

With a fast growing number of international students, IUMW offers cultural diversity. This helps broaden the perspective of students and enhance their inter-cultural communication skills.

MAHSA University -

MAHSA University

Main campus: Bandar Saujana Putra Campus, Selangor

MAHSA University is an entity that is continually evolving; developing new programmes, creating pathways of further education and delving into research activities so as to offer prospective and current students a rich learning experience and a comprehensive education which will be valuable and rewarding.

MAHSA offers programmes from foundation to postgraduate programmes through the faculties of Medicine, Bioscience & Nursing; Dentistry; Health Sciences; Pharmacy; Business, Finance & IT; Engineering & Built Environment; Education & Language; and Hospitality Management. MAHSA University students have a vibrant and diverse student life that caters to the melting pot of cultures on campus. Various clubs and societies focusing on sporting activities, cultural events and also fun entertainment encourage MAHSA students to build and harness their confidence and leadership skills. All students are given opportunities to participate in campus activities that provide a healthy balance to their already dynamic academic life.

Management & Science University -

Management & Science University

Campus: Shah Alam, Selangor

As a leading teaching and learning university, MSU gives priority to quality education and the importance of creative teaching methodologies towards producing quality graduates. Besides incorporating international exposure in the students’ learning experience, extensive industrial training components and personal enrichment competency are also blended into the programme of study to ensure the graduates’ employability

All programmes offered are either approved or/ accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and others professional bodies such as the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), the Nursing Board Malaysia (NBM), and the Malaysian Optometry Council (MOC).

The MSU Global Mobility and Global Leadership Programmes are initiatives of the university towards empowering students through international exposure activities. This exposure serves to complete the students’ development into competent and employable graduates.

Manipal International University Malaysia -

Manipal International University Malaysia

Campus: Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

The Manipal Education Group has emerged as a leading higher education provider not just in India but across its global campuses in Malaysia, Nepal, Dubai and Antigua, which enrols over 400,000 students from 59 countries. The curriculum for all courses is founded on both theory and practical application. Members of faculty at MIU have both academic and industrial experience and guide students towards a holistic learning experience.

MIU is committed to develop and groom industry-ready graduates. Besides consultation with the industry on syllabus development - aimed at enhancing relevant competencies and soft skills to better equip undergraduates for potential employment with the respective companies - the partnerships outline the creation of an Internship Programme and Graduate Employment Programme.

Monash University Malaysia -

Monash University Malaysia

Campus: Bandar Sunway, Selangor

Monash University Malaysia was set up in Malaysia in 1998. Growing quickly from just a few hundred students, it now has over 6000 students (about a third of them international) and a purpose-built, state-of-the-art campus completed in 2007.

Courses at Monash University Malaysia are accredited
in Malaysia and Australia. This ensures a flexible and supported education that is
 locally relevant and internationally accepted. Our outstanding schools offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts, business, engineering, information technology, medicine and health sciences, pharmacy and science.

A Monash University education will teach you to think differently and give you the confidence to meet life’s challenges. You will learn from top academics, be encouraged to contribute your ideas, and develop leadership skills.

Multimedia University (MMU) -

Multimedia University (MMU)

Main campus: Cyberjaya, Selangor

MMU was accorded the status of a Premier Digital Tech Institution by the Malaysian government and The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). Recognised as one of the best places in the country to pursue computer and technology- related programmes, MMU frequently collaborates with some of the biggest names of the global industry, such as ZTE, Nokia, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco and Motorola. Whether with the academia, the government, or industry, MMU continually explores new ways of entering into mutually-beneficial arrangements, especially when it involves innovating new methods, services or knowledge.

MMU offers programmes at the foundation, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the fields of Engineering, Information & Communication Technology, Creative Multimedia, Cinematic Arts, Business & Management, Finance, Accounting, Law, Life Science, and Strategic Communication.

Nilai University -

Nilai University

Campus: Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

Nilai University was established as Nilai College in 1997 and was upgraded to a full-fledged university in 2012. Nilai University was rated Excellent (Setara 5) in 2011 and this was reaffirmed in the last rating exercise undertaken in 2013.

Nilai University’s promise is to take school leavers and mould them into mature young adults who are academically proficient and socially confident. This is achieved through a holistic approach to education, with emphasis on character building courses and industry internship to supplement the academic endeavours.

Students enrolling in Nilai U will need to complete a number of credits in university courses outside of their core subjects. These include courses on ethics, anthropology, public speaking and an introduction to theatre and acting.

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus -

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

Campus: Semenyih, Selangor

At The University of Nottingham we are committed to providing a truly international education, inspiring our students, producing world-leading research and benefitting the communities around our campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia.

Foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) are taught within 17 schools and departments. Programmes are identical to those offered at The University of Nottingham in the UK and follow the same quality assurance processes, and students are awarded University of Nottingham degree certificates when they complete their course.

UNMC also provides excellent study abroad opportunities for students to study abroad at UK and China Campuses, as well as at partner universities across the globe, offering inter-campus, international exchange and summer school programmes.

Quest International University Perak -

Quest International University Perak

Campus: Ipoh, Perak

QIUP is a private and comprehensive research-led university. At QIUP, we believe that planting the seeds of curiosity in students from the beginning will inspire them to make ‘knowledge-seeking’ their quest in life.

To engage our students and instill in them the hunger of knowledge, we believe in blending theory and practice in education. We ensure that our programmes are industry-relevant using motivational teaching methods which are highly effective. QIUP graduates will emerge from the university as florets leaving the plant, ready for the job market and will continue their quest to seek and learn.

Top 5 reasons to choose QIUP:

  • International standards
  • Affordable programmes
  • Conducive learning environment
  • Character building (independent learning, creativity, communication skills, team spirit, respect for diversity and leadership)
  • “Job-ready” students
SEGi University & Colleges -

SEGi University & Colleges

Main campus: Kota Damansara, Selangor

If you aspire to redefine the benchmarks of excellence in your field, we’d like to embrace that passion with you. Together, we can build mutual trust – what we hold dearly for every SEGian. We enable promising minds with a holistic learning experience and constantly rediscover new ways to make a difference in your lives. Our unique attributes of quality, passion, vibrancy and care are the key and guiding principles that pave the way for your growth and ours alike.

We are proud to host some of the best graduates from diverse backgrounds with concrete foundations for nearly 40 years. The by-products of our coaching have since become leaders of industries. Today, the Group boasts an impressive number of young learners; as many as 27,500, in five major campuses located in the Klang Valley, Penang and Sarawak.

Sunway University -

Sunway University

Main campus: Bandar Sunway, Selangor

Sunway University’s campus building is equipped with excellent facilities and infrastructure to support 21st century higher education and to cater to a variety of learning methods. Its strategic location within the modern, well-planned township of Sunway Resort City is one of the key reasons why students choose to study here. The programmes at Sunway University adhere to the most stringent regulations. Its qualifications are recognised throughout the world, with many degree programmes collaborating with top ranking international universities. To give students an edge, all programmes come with an internship component that helps open doors for Sunway graduates to successfully bridge the gap from university to industry. Studying at Sunway University also means being part of a global community from over 90 countries – an eye-opening experience, students can explore new and interesting cultures, while merging the learning and exchange of new ideas.

Taylor’s University -

Taylor’s University

Main campus: Lakeside campus, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Taylor’s prides itself in the delivery of a holistic education that results not just in excellent academic accomplishments but also in graduates with qualities that are highly sought after in the global marketplace. Industry-relevant learning activities and curriculum are widely incorporated into all tertiary courses in close partnership with the relevant industries. Taylor’s insistence on preparing its graduates to be professionally competent and job ready has proven to have given its graduates an added edge. This is evident in the high employability rate of its graduates, with many securing jobs even before they have completed their final examinations. Currently, Taylor’s has a 70,000-strong alumnus which continues to grow annually, and many of them are now leaders in their respective fields.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College -

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Main campus: Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR University College) is a premier educational institution with more than four decades of excellence in providing quality and affordable education. Today, TAR University College has a thriving student population of 25,000 pursuing approximately 100 programmes of studies in a wide spectrum of disciplines at four purpose-built campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor and Perak as well as two faculty branches in Pahang and Sabah. TAR University College has produced more than 170,000 graduates, many of whom are high achievers and leaders in various professions and industries.

To ensure that graduates are employment-ready and adaptable to changes, the University College embraces a holistic education approach through the integration of scholastic studies, experiential learning and soft skills development. The programmes offered are industry-driven and meet professional standards. To enhance the quality of its programmes, TAR University College has forged strong linkages with many industry leaders to facilitate the latest knowledge and technology transfer to the classroom.

UCSI University -

UCSI University

Main campus: Kuala Lumpur

Founded in 1986, UCSI University is the flagship institution of the UCSI Group conglomerate. With campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Sarawak, the University comprises seven faculties, a Centre for Pre-U Studies, De Institute of Creative Arts and Design, and an Institute of Music, with more than 85 programmes in disciplines like medicine, pharmacy, architecture, engineering, computer science, liberal arts and music. Its student body encompasses thousands of students from more than 80 different countries and the University stands out as a melting pot of diversity. As one of Malaysia’s first private universities, UCSI University has long impacted the national higher education landscape and the University continues to do so with its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

University College of Technology Sarawak -

University College of Technology Sarawak

Campuses: Sibu, Sarawak

UCTS is the culmination of the State of Sarawak’s vision and commitment in establishing a world-class institution of higher learning to spearhead the development and production of technical human resource for the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

UCTS is committed to facilitating students’ access to an affordable world-class university education that nurtures creative and entrepreneurial leaders through a broad education in science and technology while combining the career benefits of an applied approach for SCORE-related research and career opportunities. Through its close collaboration with Universiti Kuala Lumpur, one of Malaysia’s leading technical university with over 20,000 students across the country, UCTS aims to complement the growth and fulfill the human resource and industrial needs of SCORE.

University College TATI (UC TATI) -

University College TATI (UC TATI)

Campus: Kemaman, Terengganu

University College TATI (UC TATI), formerly known as Terengganu Advanced Technical Institute (TATI), was founded on 11 June 1993 as a result of a collaboration between the State Government of Terengganu and Ingenieurschule St. Gallen, Switzerland. The mission of the establishment was to produce competent manpower that are highly sought after by the employers in various engineering fields.

UC TATI emphasises industry and research collaboration, and industrial attachment opportunities that help fresh graduates to meet the evolving requirements of industry. UC TATI offers programmes in the fields of Manufacturing, CNC Machining, Electronic and Automation, Mechatronics, Robotics and Instrumentation, Chemical Engineering and Polymer, Computer Science, Computer Network & Security (CISCO), Graphic Design, Entrepreneurship and Accounting.

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) -

Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

Main campus: Kajang, Selangor

UNITEN is a unique institution that focuses on engineering, information technology, business management and related areas. UNITEN not only prepares its graduates to become knowledgeable and competent professionals, but also develops them as well-rounded individuals with a broad intellectual outlook. The comprehensive and innovative programme contents and teaching techniques are designed towards expanding the frontiers of learning. The curricula, enhanced with project work, research, open-ended experiments and practical training, are designed with input from the industrial and commercial sectors as well as from local and foreign universities.

Graduating students and alumni are offered career development seminars, courses and programmes such as resume writing and job interview preparations. An annual UNITEN Career Fair is conducted every year which includes a series of workshops, seminar and talks. To date, 97% of UNITEN students were hired within 6 months of course completion.

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) -

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Main Campuses: Kampar, Perak

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) was established under the UTAR Education Foundation as a not-for-profit organisation and launched on 13 August 2002. UTAR currently offers more than 110 academic programmes spreading across nine faculties, three centres and three institutes. The programmes offered range from foundation studies to PhD in the fields of Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Agriculture, Arts, Business and Economics, Creative Industries and Design, Engineering and Built Environment, Information and Communication Technology, Life and Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Process Management, Medicine and Health Sciences, and Social Science and Education.

To date, the university has established formal collaborations to facilitate international exchanges, research and training with over 180 institutions/ and organisation consisting of 117 foreign and local institutions of higher learning and 68 local and foreign industry partners.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) Business Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) Information Systems Engineering
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Communications & Networking
  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Computer Engineering
University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering (UNIMY) -

University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering (UNIMY)

Campus: Cyberjaya, Selangor

The UNIMY community is driven by a shared purpose: to create a better future through technology, education, research and innovation. Founded to upskill and foster ICT graduates with a global mindset, UNIMY is trusted to nurture these students to ensure their readiness to face the Industry 4.0 challenges.

The strength of UNIMY is in its partnerships with IT giants like IBM, Sales Force, KPMG, CompTIA and Amazon to ensure their students get valuable industry experience through industrial attachment and trainings. Through teaching, research, and innovation, the exceptional community of UNIMY pursues the mission of creating a better future for all.

UOW Malaysia KDU University College -

UOW Malaysia KDU University College

Main campus: Utropolis, Glenmarie, Selangor

A pioneer in Malaysian private higher education, KDU University College sets itself apart by being a real world university that meets real world needs, grooming its graduates to hit the ground running over the past 30 years. KDU's high standards of academic provision are well recognised by employers of various industries and universities worldwide. In 2015, KDU University College began operations at its brand new 10-acre flagship campus. This RM320 million campus is located within Paramount Utropolis, a self-contained university metropolis based on the concept of ‘live and learn'.

In November 2018, KDU entered into a strategic partnership with UOW Global Enterprises, a wholly-owned subsidiary of University of Wollongong Australia. Subsequently, in November 2019, the name of the college and university colleges were changed to reflect the stewardship of the University of Wollongong and they are now known as UOW Malaysia KDU. In addition to Malaysia, the University of Wollongong’s global network extends to campuses in Australia, Dubai and Hong Kong. There are plans to develop the UOW Malaysia KDU University Colleges at Glenmarie and Penang into universities within the next five to seven years. In addition, from January 2020 UOW Malaysia KDU will offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the new Batu Kawan campus, to meet the emerging needs of that region.

UTM School of Professional and Continuing Education (UTMSPACE) -

UTM School of Professional and Continuing Education (UTMSPACE)

Main campus: Johor Bahru, Johor

Established in 1993, UTMSPACE is a school in UTM that offers foundation, diploma and bachelor degree programmes that are accredited by MQA and/or professional bodies under the Public University Private Wing (PUPW) initiative. These programmes are not listed under the Malaysian UPU system and are delivered full-time or part-time.

In its early years, UTMSPACE offered professional development programmes such as short courses, seminars, workshops and in-house training. However, due to an overwhelming demand for part-time and full-time educational programmes in both private and public sectors, UTMSPACE took the initiative of offering mainstream academic programmes starting from the academic year 1995/96.

In line with UTMSPACE vision to be the centre of excellence in continuing education, UTMSPACE will continually identify and attempt to fulfil the community’s demands. In 2010, with the upgrading of UTM as a Research University, UTMSPACE has been entrusted to take over and manage UTM College of Science and Technology (KST) and the Joint Programme Management Unit (UPPK). With the merger management rearrangement, UTMSPACE is fully responsible for the implementation of full-time diploma programmes and joint diploma programmes conducted in collaboration with 17 private colleges.

Source: Websites of various institutions

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